Emails, Weather, and Gnomeregan.

4 hours to delete 117,000 emails. Super cool.

Oh, and it was 9 degrees this morning.

Gnomeregan tonight, interested to see how it goes since the 2.3 changes. Anything major change?

5 Responses to Emails, Weather, and Gnomeregan.

  1. imaubertank says:

    The new key to Gnomers after 2.3 is having a Shaman that is a competent healer. Without that, there’s not way you’ll make it through.

  2. syncaine says:

    My guess is we will fail due to our sub-par tank…

  3. imaubertank says:


  4. Tallin says:

    why the shaman healer opposed to others?

  5. syncaine says:

    Oh inside joke. I play a shaman now, ubertank plays a tank. We both played MT back in our raiding days, with a friendly competition on who is the better tank.


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