My comp is dead.

So I wake up this morning, go to turn on my 3+ year old computer, and I get ‘beep….beep….beep’. No image on the screen, fans spinning, keyboard and mouse lights go on, and the beep.

The computer was on when I went to sleep, and everything is plugged in still, so I know it’s not a “check your cables” type of deal. The monitor power light is fine.

Some quick research points me towards the BIOS having an issue, either the BIOS battery, or something worse. Not really sure what to do at this point… anyone?

3 Responses to My comp is dead.

  1. Roger says:

    actually, it’s probably bad RAM. Look up your computer’s make and model, along with “Error Codes”.

    If you built the ‘puter, then look up your MoBo make and model along with “Error Codes” or “Beep Codes”.

    If you have another stick of RAM, try switching the sticks in and out of the various sockets.

    Also, always remember to hold down your power button for 10 seconds after you unplug your ‘puter, that’ll drain all remaining juice from the capacitors.

  2. E--- says:

    It’s not your battery – that is only used when the computer isn’t powered on, to save the BIOS settings.
    Your best bet is to go with what Roger said – check for Error/Beep codes. That should point you in the correct direction.

  3. treepio says:

    your cpu

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