The EG virus is spreading

March 30, 2012

Solid work right here.

I’m guessing more examples will follow.

Swimming in tears

March 30, 2012

First, I must say the blogosphere is living up to Friday Blog wars (lazy linking since I don’t want to update this as more pop up). It took a bit of time, but finally people have caught on and are following the rules. For that, you should be congratulated. Your posts provide great entertainment to close out a very eventful week.

Next let’s talk about evil, since I’m the expert on it after all. Not SynCaine grant you, but the person behind the name. I have no doubt that those who know be best on the internet, Inquisition, will all attest to how evil I truly am. Furthermore, those I played with back in WoW will also surely confirm just how low I’ll go (ok Gavel might, but he sucked anyway). Finally some random former MMO blogger, who sadly no one cares about anymore due to his boring posts about PnP, who has time and time again proven he will turtle at the first sign of a conflict, who might have the thinnest skin on the internet, and who on more than one occasion has thrown in the blogging towel, thinks I’m evil.

It’s that last bit the really hurts.

Because again, consider the source. This is someone who declared CCP will shut down in 2012. Who ‘tried’ EVE for all of about a week and demonstrated only how little he is able to comprehend when it comes to that subject. Someone who post after post after post has been telling us how FFA PvP can never work. How the wolves will eat all the sheep, and how that’s just simply not sustainable. Who swears gold ammo is not P2Win. Who for years professed the virtues of ‘accessibility’, yet then the true value of accessibility showed itself, declared WoW ‘too accessible’, about 3-4 years after others made the exact same prediction.

I’ll stop, because if I continue, Tobold might quit blogging, again, or start (continue?) filtering comments, or worst of all, once again declare that he does not read this blog, and then who would we (not) read for our PnP fix?

Plus, picking on someone who is already so close to the edge would just be wrong. The last thing anyone wants is for Tobold to off himself, right? Why take the chance with someone who has clearly shown to be less than stable.

Let’s move on to someone who is begging to be called evil, or even acknowledge to exist: Gevlon. I find Gevlon extremely entertaining. It’s like getting to watch someone walk into a wall day after day, only to come back a month later and figure out that they are indeed attempting to pass through a solid object. (contract hauling anyone?) It’s cute in a sadistic way, but acceptable because the individual walking into that wall continues to tell you how smart they are and that it’s you who is wrong.

Whatever disorder Gevlon has, I wish more bloggers had it. At least Gevlon has moved on from the kiddy pool of WoW AH ‘tactics’ and into EVE for all of us to enjoy.

His expert breakdown of the Goons, for instance, is riveting. Granted, it rivals a Tobold post about EVE in accuracy, but it’s far more entertaining because I truly believe Gevlon is not trolling. He honestly believes what happened to Mittens will be a negative for the goons, and that these events somehow herald a ‘new dawn’ for PvP lead by him and his goblins (RP’ing a bit much there…). He also fully believes that the goons have done more harm than good in EVE, and that the game would be better off without them. Finally, he believes CCP wishes the goons and players like them would go away.

You can’t make up this kind of comedy.

Last and least, we have those shining examples of humanity I quoted yesterday. I’m still having trouble understanding how such simple creatures have managed to access the internet, let alone roll their faces across a keyboard long enough to blurt out the gems that they have, but god bless all you little retards.

So why is all of this such a big deal? Here is a wiki link. Just kidding, but go read this first, it will give you a nice baseline. What we have witnessed this week is that envy flared up to 11. To the envious, it seemed to them that finally EVE was on its way down, and that the players who truly make it what it is, represented by The Mittani, would be thrown out.

The Mittani is ‘embarrassed’ by this. The goons will finally give up. ‘Evil’ players of EVE are going to be banned by CCP. CCP themselves will change the rules and finally, finally, allow the masses to enjoy EVE as the envious envision it.

And that only adds to the total comedy of all of this, because the exact opposite is going to happen.

The goons biggest enemy is inactivity. When they don’t have a cause, they grown bored and weak. While The Wis might have pulled off an epic troll job on Mittens, he, along with Massively and everyone else in the lynch mob, have provided the goons with the greatest source of motivation they have likely ever seen. The lynch mob has, quite literally, done a masterful job of fueling the goons on and making them more powerful than ever. Jita burning will be just the first trophy of this effort, and they will have Massively and the rest to thank for it.

But it’s not just the goons who will ultimately profit from this. All EVE players will. EVE is famous for high-profile stories that ‘shock’ the envious, and nothing has been more shocking than this whole suicide show. The foolish believe such stories drive away players, but they do the exact opposite. Those who this scares away would never have survived in New Eden anyway, and so they never counted in the first place. White Knights claiming ‘this’ is the event that drove them away are either fooling you, or fooling themselves. Those same White Knights said the exact same thing when GHSC made news, or when the downfall of BoB made news.

At the end of the day, EVE remains as the longest running MMO with a growing population. Longer than WoW, longer than EQ1, and longer than all the voiced dialog of SW:TOR. It has the strongest, most stable community in the genre, it’s technically superior to any game out, and CCP (which includes former goon members, ooh nooz) are the best in the world at what they do.

And the envious hate that. It defies all that they believe. It spits in the face of their “wolves and sheep” theory. It spits in the face of ‘accessibility’, welfare epics, and of ‘fair fights’. To them, it’s the story always ending with the bad guy winning, and it eats away at them and drives them insane.

And it’s going to continue. Despite the wishes of former bloggers, EVE is not going away this year. CCP has corrected their path thanks to The Mittani guiding them, and are now back to making the best game in the genre ever greater.

And somewhere, hopefully, that success will eventually drives a white knight or blogger to off themselves. We can only hope they do it publicly, to give us one more bit of content before they go.



:evil grin:

EVE: Shiny Cyberbullies

March 29, 2012

This post is not about offing yourself, I swear. It is about bullies, but fear not, it’s actually about EVE and real gameplay.

As I mentioned in a post pre-KillYourselfGate, INQ-E has started running Incursions as a Corp. Our first attempt went very well, and we had minimal competition for sites. Our second attempt was on a Sunday (which as BioWare has informed us all, is the busiest night in MMOland!), and did not go so well. Not only were we attempting this on a busy night, but the EVE gods also conspired against us and there was only one HighSec Incursion up, meaning everyone was funneled into just three VG systems.

The result was that every system had 3-4 shiny fleets moving from site to site, and at that level of traffic and firepower, we had little to no chance to actually get credit.

The way Incursions work is that the fleet that deals the most damage in a site gets paid. When it’s just your fleet at a site, this is a non-issue and everyone gets paid, but when a system is that busy, shiny fleets will often warp into a site in an attempt to steal it, even if you are a few minutes into it.

Well, when you are flying a fleet with rather low DPS, a shiny fleet has little trouble coming in late and still jacking the site. And that’s what happened over and over on Sunday night. I’m shocked CCP endorses such cyber bullying, and I had to talk more than one Corp member off a ledge (shit, sorry, forgot that’s not the subject here. And no Massively reader, I did not actually have someone try to kill themselves, it was a joke. Ride off into the sunset now.)

It’s the open nature of Incursion sites (zomg they are not an instanced playground for just you and you friends, the horror!) that drives players to get shinier and improve efficiency. Not only do you want to knock out sites asap to improve your ISK/hr rate, but when you get ‘shiny enough’, fleets can’t come in and jack you. It’s a great system really, and very much highlights what EVE is about; that even in PvE, the real game is PvP.

Last Tuesday we had another Incursion night, and the newest Incursion is just three jumps away from HQ. Once we had our fleet together, we knocked out six sites in an hour, for a very healthy 60m/hr ISK rate after taxes (Corp tax of 5%). Hopefully next Sunday there are multiple Incursions still up, and I should be in my new shiny (blaster Tengu).

EVE-related blog post notice: If you would like to join us, comment here or shoot me an email. If you don’t have an EVE account, I’m more than happy to send a 21-day trial invite, and split the PLEX-related profit if you decide to sign up. Again just comment or email me.

I’m so Massively entertained right now I might die from laughter

March 29, 2012

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to keep posting about this (yes I do), but when Massively provides you with such gifts, it would simply be rude to refuse them.

 Some of the finer words of the white knights of Massively, enjoy!

Agreed, lets hope he learned his lesson. When he comes back maybe he’ll have learned a little empathy, maturity and social etiquette.

Sure you can argue that there’s a bunch of nice Eve players but at the end of the day I don’t see them.

I pretty much stopped playing Eve because of the general sense that most of the player base is out for number one and that’s about it. I keep seeing all of these comments that the Eve player base is nice and I just have never seen that while playing the game.

The lightness of the punishment just goes to prove that CCP not only condones such reprehensible behavior, they encourage it. They are certainly not serious about curtailing it. No question, the lack of morality exhibited by CCP is nothing short of shocking.

It’s people like him that keep me away from EVE

Keeping away from a game because the community, to a large quantity, consist of griefers, bullies and sociopaths, is in actuallity, a very good decision. It frankly doesnt matter how good (doesnt apply to EvE sicnei ts a terrible game) a game seems to you, if the community sorrounding it, is terrible, filled with hatred, inmaturity, griefing and whatnot, it wont be much joy. Subsequently, Ive enjoyed some mediocre games, because their communities were amazing.

have you happened to read the Eve forums and seen the number of player postings supporting this guys actions

Except what CCP doesn’t mention is that a gate-camp can and will just run the second something they can’t fight shows up

A 30 day ban is barely a slap on the wrist. They’re condoning his behavior by letting him keep his account at ALL. He was encouraging people to help drive an already emotionally damaged person to suicide

As long as he has a skill in queue (which I doubt since he’s probably learned everything) then his character is still going to get skill points. Worst thing that happens to him is he loses a month’s subscription…oooooooo, SCARY! The entire Goon alliance needs to have a little fear of devs put in to them. Well, looks like CCP is going to go under in a few years. (Note: This was not Tobold, or at least he did not use his blogging name to make the comment)

This is a clear indication that CCP needs to be vetted and cleared out. If the management of CCP had any kind sense, this tool would be gone and EVE would be a better game for it. There is NO room for such an idiot in any game. CCP, I know you read these comments. I am cancelling my sub. I am sure I am the first of many. I have supported you through thick and thin, but this is the last straw. Ban this moron and at the same time you send a message to the rest of the community that this behavior will not be tolerated. DO that and you can have my sub back. Not until then.

One less piece of filth having influence over a good game. Good riddance to him, perhaps the CSM can actually get some good done this year now.

Just wait.. sooner or later something awful will happen and some brilliant lawyer will nail CCP’s ass to the wall for not being more agressive in combating this behaviour.

CCP is playing with fire and every single year it gets worse. They have created an environment that promotes this kind of behavior and the have washed their hands of any responsibility. I don’t know how CCP expects anybody to want to play their World of Darkness title if this is how they handle these kinds of events. As the company that maintains that environment it is CCPs duty to ensure the safety of players. Sounds like a pretty good first paragraph to an opening argument, hmm?

CCP NEEDS to perma-ban this guy. And if they give a sh*t about the gaming industry they have to start policing their game.

We’re not discussing EVE’s community, since it really has nothing to do with this one idiot

There isn’t any undeserved bashing of the Eve community going on here.

Buddy, let me tell you something you learn in basic Political science

You either acknowledge that his actions were despicable and follow it up with a perman ban, or you announce to the world that CCP will tolerate a level of trolling that makes 4chan seem like a baby meetup group. In my humble opinion, there is no middle ground here.

And, no, he wasn’t joking. How do I know? Because nobody was laughing and he didn’t say, ‘Haha, just kidding. Don’t do it.’

Every single person there that didn’t come up and take the mic away from him makes the Eve community look bad

Go blow their ship up and call them a noob or hatch a scheme to steal THEIR stuff. Hacking their PC or otherwise interfering with their life outside of the game is going too far. That’s the point I’ve been trying to get through your skulls and I’ve been really clear about it,

I will never go back to playing Eve. It is not worth the risk

are you trying to be dense or trolling… At one point Mittani was in charge of Goons “meta-gaming” activities. He and others like him (Kunguusman?) spent time finding ways to crack into opposing players/organizations personal computers and guild web site/vent/TS servers in order to gain personal and game information to be used outside and inside of game. The risk? Lets start with them installing a keylogger and obtaining my Eve login and password so they could log into my account and do damage to my characters, disable defenses of my organization. Obtain personal pictures/work information/personal information to do anything from commit fraud, contact my employer and suggest I am a “bad” employee, alter pics of my children and post them on a forum, and I am sure Mittani could think of worse things

Oh pluh-ease. A perma band is what most are looking for

But now we all know where CCP aka “The Kings of Monocles” stand on social issues. I played EO for six months and I saw the behavior that was allowed and knew it would slow down its growth. However, at the time I played, this was before newbies were ganked in high sec in order to steal their nearly worthless ore for the laughs. If that had been the case, as it is now, CCP would never have got even 6 months revenue from me.

Honestly, CCP should put a stop to it because it creates an atmosphere that just stops being any fun. When you have to be afraid that people will try to illegally obtain personal information in order to negatively affect your life…well….it stops being a game and it starts being a criminal enterprise

It doesn’t seem like this is being “blown out of proportion” as much as it is that people know this guy and are tired of him; his actions are what most people think when they think about “other players in EvE online”.

Also, if you read another response, supposedly Goons are gunning for the “victim” in-game because of this as “revenge” and offering a 1 billion isk reward.

While that may be in-game, it extends from an out-of-game origin.

Are people going to ‘metagame’ Dust?

The Mittani may have thought that the guy was kidding, but then he called thousands of people to harrass him so he’d do it anyway – that’s violence, that’s criminal, and it doesn’t matter that the player in question was fine then, or is fine now, a targeted long-term campaign against him might just change that in the future.

They should of banned him for life to show ccp are the boss not the players. IM a good guy who plays, I actually get told im to nice to pvp but there are some good people there. The problem is these guys have probably been burnt before and resent everyone in the game.

But the thing is, many of us know (and researched) this and know some players, even though they say differently, treat this more than “just a game” and go offline for their harassment. Yes, this can and does happen in other games, but which MMO has the most famous stories and most numerous stories about this happening?

Alex is just the “boy who cried wolf” and many of us are waiting for him to “drop the other shoe”; heck, we are expecting it, especially after his 30 day ban.

Because of CCP’s lack of SUBSTANTIAL action against this player, I will never sub to any of their games, now or in the future.

If he’s an actual lawyer, he could actually be disbarred for his comments, or suffer censorship from his country or (US) State’s legal association. If he’s in a healthcare or licensed occupation, he can lose his license to practice for making a comment like that

People like Alexander “The Mittani” Gianturco are cowards who most likly can’t interact well with people in real life so they come online to harrass other people like this poor guy with depression to make themselves feel important

Petition started. Get your names on this and get rid of him. In 20 days lets get to 10 thousand and remove him from EVE. (At the time of this post, there was one signature)

Every time I see something like this, I realize not only Mittani’s total disregard for human life but CCP’s as well And once again I am glad I shut all my Eve accounts down a year ago and never looked back. Thanks for reminding me what an awful company you really are, CCP! :) *bounds back off to much more pleasant MMO gaming*

When Hilmar announces his perma ban and vows to end the Lord of the flies mentality that the game wallows in then you will have progress.

You harrass a player until the breaking point to make him commit suicide then make fun of it publicly… and you get 30 day ban.

Not only that, but as a Representative of CCP through the CSM, exposing both himself, the CSM, and the corporation he represents to the public to legal liability by inciting violence against a person through his rhetoric (not protected speech, btw.) and facilitating someone’s suicide attempt.

I make a vow today never to put a single penny into the coffers of CCP.

EVE: Mittani steps ‘down’

March 28, 2012

Full post here.

I’ll summarize for all those who have trouble understanding EVE: Mittens decided he would rather be an in-game a-hole to the extreme than have a paper title. Because lets be honest here, whoever the CSM elects as the new chair is chairman in title only. Mittens will still be the power player of the CSM. Only now, he can tell whoever he wants to kill themselves, and when asked about it, explain that he is simply doing what goons do.

And I have no doubt that this entire circus only did one thing; fuel Mittens and the goons to go on a massive rampage and milk more delicious tears from people. Real people, real tears.

Edit: Comedy Corner can be found here. Post away white knights, post away!

#EVE #Cyber bullying #Cry for help #The Mittani #kool-aid

March 28, 2012

So this is what happens when you mix one ‘trendy’ topic (bullying) with another hot-button issue (EVE) huh? Hilarity ensues and the Internet lawyers and psychologist come out of the woodworks. Moar tears cannot even begin to describe what I’m feeling right now. I don’t think I’ve been this blog-entertained since the EG Darkfall review. And the goons have it right, carebear tears seriously are delicious, and so addictive.

But let’s play a little game shall we? Let’s pretend that everyone should be a hyper-sensitive internet white knight that is ‘raising awareness’ for some cause they don’t really understand or actually care about, and lets ‘solve’ cyber bullying (am I trending yet?) in EVE.

First the bounty system must be removed. For those not aware, the bounty system lets you put ISK on someone’s head, which encourages everyone else playing to stalk them down and kill them. The more ISK you have, the more cyber bullying you can encourage. And sure, maybe the person you bounty is not about to go play in traffic, but why risk it right? Also ban anyone who has ever placed a bounty, and send the local police to investigate anyone who has ever had a bounty placed on them to check for plastic bags and duct tape.

Next war-decs have to go. Imagine I’m the CEO of “Wrists to Razors Inc”, and some griefer Corp war-decs us, blows up our mining ships, and causes my entire corp to drink spiced kool-aid. Is this the kind of thing CCP wants to encourage? And again, the odds of an entire corp taking a group trip off a cliff is probably low, but why risk it right? Also ban any corp that has ever war-dec’ed someone.

Do I even need to mention ‘suicide ganking’? First the name is highly insulting and makes light of an extremely serious issue. Second what if your gank causes some poor ‘victim’ to test gravity from the 12th floor? Is the ISK really that important? Think before you shoot, that might be someone’s son or daughter on the other end, with one hand on the keyboard and the other on the trigger.

Killboards might be the worst of the worst. It’s bad enough that CCP encourages suicides with the bounty system, war-decs, and ganks, but now psychopaths have created entire websites that do nothing but highlight the agony of others, glamorize it with ‘points’, and display it for the whole world to see. What if I’m one step away from playing tonsil hockey with a 12 gauge, and the trigger event is seeing my 23b Kestrel loss in Jita posted, against my will, on EVE-kill? And then I have to read all those horrible comments by others calling me a retard, a waste of life, and telling me to go kill myself? Maybe they start stalking me in-game to try and get my next 23b Kestrel? The back of my skull will be all over a wall so fast it will make your head spin. Abolish kill boards, and arrest whoever created them. Also have the police follow up on anyone who ever had a kill posted on one to check for toasters near bathtubs. Sure, most people just kept playing, but why risk it right?

Finally anytime anyone ever types “if you don’t let me do X, I’m going to kill myself” anywhere, immediately let them have or do what they want. If you don’t you are basically handing a poor ‘victim’ a “Suicide for dummies” book and telling them to give it a read. Sure, most of the time it’s just someone typing to get what they want on the internet, but why risk it right?

Oh, and be sure to do your part; raise awareness by posting a blog about the dangers of cyber bullying, and let’s make sure we close every avenue that might lead to even one ‘victim’ hanging out in a closet. We are all in this together people!

(Perhaps the most comical part of this entire thing is that the person who got trolled the hardest here is Mittens. His ‘victim’ is completely fine (shocker), and used the “I’m going to kill myself” excuse to try to get some pixels back. Which of course Mittens ignored, and correctly so, at least until the white knights rallied and applied some pressure. I’m actually somewhat embarrassed that the man who speaks for all EVE players fell for such a simple scam. EVE players should be better than that Mittens.)

Note: If anyone posts a negative comment to my post, I’m going to kill myself. Also if you have ever posted something negative here, and I do kill myself, know that you are partially to blame.

Second-note: Best use of the “Perma-death” tag ever? I think so.

The Mittani Apology

March 26, 2012

Full link here.

I like this part:

There’s no excuse for what I did – while some might try to use my inebriation as a mitigating factor, I put myself in that compromised mental state, and the guilt of that is entirely mine.

A jab? Probably not.

Hopefully Mittens does not ‘step down’ over this, as it would be yet another sad example of media hype overshadowing substance.

(Too early to queue the “solo mining will lead anyone to suicide” jokes that have been told since 2003? When does that resume?)


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