Good start to a Monday

I should (assuming I can finish it) have a good long post about EVE that actually involves EVE happenings (and dead capital ships), but until then, I highly recommend everyone go read this Reddit thread. Might be the most entertaining thing I’ve seen since… the last Gevlon post that got a Reddit thread.

Also of comical note: compare the Reddit thread with the Badger II king’s own comment section. Guy must be wearing out his comment moderation button.

4 Responses to Good start to a Monday

  1. “I’ll be freighting popcorn in bulk over the next month”

    Indeed, how can one not watch this.

    I want to know why Riverini isn’t reposting more of his stuff at EVE News 24.

  2. Maineiac says:

    Looking forward to the write up of our weekend EVE adventures!

  3. I don’t know why, but I want to make a Power of 2 account with six months of game time, but I keep stopping myself… argh, I need internet spaceships.


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