DF:UW – A fishy patch day

New DF:UW patch has been released today, which is always nice.

One of the additions that I find interesting is the new fishing boat, mostly because it seems to cater to the exact behavior OTG has been doing since launch; organizing group fishing trips around Agon. I have no doubt we will make frequent use of the new ship.

Early reports indicate the new dungeon is pretty nifty too. I liked the first one for the PvE/PvP blend, and I’m sure the second will be more of the same.

Another item I’m loving is the blind rage from the 5-10 bitters (not vets) on Forumfall still crying about transfers. At this point I fully believe AV is just trolling them with little hints of “looking into it” but not really, and I support this trolling 100%.

Site update: I’m moving to a new house this weekend, so I’ll be offline and unpacking about a million boxes over the next few days. I’m also convinced Comcast will somehow screw up our Internet during the move, because Comcast.

2 Responses to DF:UW – A fishy patch day

  1. Kobeathris says:

    We had Comcast at our house for like 6 hours trying to figure out how to make Digital Voice work with our Alarm. They quite literally brought in 3 different techs before they got it. On the one hand, I was frustrated it took so long, on the other, I appreciated their steely resolve, on the third hand, I wonder how many people where bitching that Comcast missed their appointment.

  2. Rynnik says:

    Good luck on the move, dude! Always a big deal.


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