Spoiler Alert

Since I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about the previous post, might as well let everyone else in on our little game.

Yes, the exact wording of the title was intentional.

Yes, I am aware of the page rank and how that post comes up on Google.

Yes, the content was structured that way intentionally between the first two paragraphs.

Did I expect the first few comments to go the way they did? To some extent, yes, but not nearly as well as they ended up. Guess I shouldn’t really underestimate the predictability of Forumfall.

NBI tip: Casual readers who google for info about a topic or game will read the first paragraph or two of a post, then skip down to read the first few comments.

This blog giveth, and it taketh away. But at the end of the day I always win, because I’m always entertained. Dance monkeys, dance.


14 Responses to Spoiler Alert

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    Glorious win. Bravo. :)

  2. Rynnik says:

    Goddamit you knew I was going to post a frowny face before I ever did?!? :-/

    Damn you Syn, damn you.

  3. Derrick says:

    Man, that was a laugh.

    That comments thread sure convinced me to jump right into DFUW’s clearly welcoming and mature community. So ironic, so hilariously funny.

  4. Anti-Stupidity League says:

    Your post kept aggro nicely but I didn’t see that much of a dps doing any reasonable damage (slackers). Luckily just a couple of fools tried playing as healers in that encounter.

  5. magnoz says:

    Thanks for the follow-up post — I missed the original one. Those comments are hilarious! Wonderful. Can’t stop chuckling. ^^

  6. sleepysam says:

    You even knew I considered emailing….

  7. hevy says:

    Ahahah how did I miss this?! Fucking classic. *golf clap*

  8. Frosth says:

    Never stop sparkling, you magnificent bastard.

  9. sid67 says:

    Title of your post is wrong, it should be: Spoiled Sport

  10. wloire says:

    In all seriousness though Syn, you need to find the MMO love again. The blog has been relatively sparse the last 8 months and it’s just about the only blog I have left to read.

  11. Mobs says:

    Archeage is fun and PvP/political focused.

  12. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I admit, I laughed pretty hard at some of the user names and the comments they made. You really ruffled some feathers!

  13. bonedead says:

    I liked how that one guys website address was syncainelikesbigblackcockintheanus.com, he seemed really dedicated.

  14. GamerDroid says:

    Looks like the developers are going for greed (https://www.darkfallonline.com/news/darkfall-unholy-wars-direction-next-milestones). Why does this game now have a cash shop (with ever increasing items) when I pay a sub? Why aren’t more players annoyed by this?

    AV needs to decide between either a sub or free-to-play, not to greed off both!


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