Need an ArcheAge beta key

July 31, 2014

If you have a spare, send one over to the email in the top-right corner. Thanks.

You pulled: “Go directly to F2P, do not go sub, do not collect $15”

July 31, 2014

I’m guessing someone has made this point already, but I haven’t seen it so here you go:

The recent trend of paying for the beta and/or alpha of an upcoming F2P MMO is just a re-branding of an MMO launching as a sub game to milk it’s core fanbase, failing with everyone else (and perhaps even the core), and switching over to F2P in 3-6 months, without all the obvious bad PR about moving down to the minors.

It would be cool if the genre could focus less on how best to position sub-par games and squeezing every last penny out of them, and more on producing something worthwhile that players will happily pay for.

ArcheAge: The next big… something

July 30, 2014

Thoughts on ArcheAge as my “desperate for anything half-decent at this point” eyes glance over at it and its upcoming release:

I still don’t get what a ‘sandpark’ is, in terms of what you are trying to accomplish. I mean I get that best-case it’s the best of a sandbox in terms of open-ended content mixed with the ‘driven when you need it’ content of a themepark, but those ideas somewhat contradict each other. Plus let’s be honest, ‘best case’ isn’t exactly what the genre has been doing for the last decade.

Building on the above, one of the early criticism I’ve heard about AA is that the first X of the game is the ‘same old’ linear themepark questing, and that the ‘fun’ stuff doesn’t become an option until later. First, if your core gameplay (combat via questing) isn’t fun or engaging, am I really going to keep playing so I can fly around or sail a boat? I mean maybe I will, but I kinda doubt it. Second, why would a game not focused around, say, farming, keep me interested due to the farming? If I want farming, can’t I load up a game dedicated to that?

Realistically my hope is that AA is decent enough to fill a few months of time, both as a game to play as a duo with the wife and also (longshot) something that is good-enough to draw a solid representation from Inquisition so we can get into guild stuff. I’ve honestly stayed away from too much info about it because in large part I don’t care that much, but also to prolong the ‘newness’ phase with the game.

Get excited everyone…

CoC: Growing our social mix

July 29, 2014

Growing up I always hated movie tie-in videogames. I think part of the hatred was fueled by what magazines like EGM were writing at the time, because the guys working had to actually play those games to review them, and you could easily tell they hated it. But it also came from the fact that poorly made yet ‘popular’ titles were taking attention and sales from stuff I liked (namely RPG games prior to FF7 making RPGs cool).

Fast forward to today and this here MMO blog, and things haven’t changed all that much now have they? Back when liking WoW was cool, I was here railing against it because that game was drawing away attention from stuff I liked. Of course history shows I was right, and mimicking post-TBC WoW set the genre back a decade, but that annoyance of the crappy-but-popular thing still remains.

Only today instead of movie-based games, we have “popular because popular” based games like the Kim K iPhone game which is making truckloads of money. Who could have guessed that someone with a giant following of idiots could make a product designed around parting idiots with there money (F2P trash titles) and turn that into a cash cow. :shakes fist:

Not all is sad and lost however. A surprising number of readers here have followed my wise advice and gotten into Clash of Clans, and I think so far everyone has been pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth of the game. And as more people join up (clan is at 27 members now), the social/team aspect increases as well, which as we all know is the secret sauce to turn a good game into something really great.

The game, from a social aspect, also has a bit of old-school 40 man raid culture, in that a few more dedicated players can assist or ‘carry’ those who are more casual, and the group as a whole can still progress and succeed. It’s almost impossible IMO to find a large group of very dedicated players who also like each other. Usually either you are hardcore and tolerate each other based mostly on skill rather than personality, everyone is casual and derpy, or you have a mix. But the mix only works if the game supports it, and thankfully CoC does.

Joining note: Clan name is “Supreme Cream!”, in your message just mention the blog or I’ll think you are some random. Only ‘requirements’ are that you are active during clan wars (use your two attacks), and that you aren’t a complete puddle when it comes to improving your layout/strategy.




DOA: EQ Landmark

July 27, 2014

66% off already on Steam huh SOE? Whelp, at least you have EQN coming… soon?

Missing Jester already

July 25, 2014

Out of all the interesting stuff Jester wrote about, I think my favorite were his takes on happenings at CCP and what they likely meant for the game. Now granted, I haven’t looked into how accurate those predictions ended up being (guess pretty accurate?), but I always came away from those posts with a better understanding behind the ‘why’, and a good glimpse into CCP and what they were doing.

The news that CCP Seagull got promoted makes me miss Jester. I need a post telling me what this means, whether its good or bad for EVE, and why it happened.

Dear Trion

July 24, 2014

I can’t ‘reserve’ a beta spot for ArcheAge.

I can buy a spot.

There is a difference, and pretending there isn’t doesn’t make your emails more appealing.


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