CoC: All we do is win win win no matter what

Just a friendly reminder that if you aren’t playing Clash of Clans with us, you’re missing out big-time. Great group of blog readers just helping each other out in a great game and having a great time all around. Great.

Oh and since I took over leadership of “Supreme Cream!” and did a little house cleaning, we haven’t lost a clan war. Coincidence? I think not.

We accept anyone willing to learn and who will be active during wars, don’t worry about being low-level, we’ll train you up quick. Clan space maxes out at 50, we are at 34 right now. Don’t wait and then live with unbearable regret forever.

5 Responses to CoC: All we do is win win win no matter what

  1. Silk says:

    We haven’t lost since I joined the clan. Coincidence? I think not. I got the most heroic attack last war and all 6 stars!

  2. Justin says:

    Hard to beat my elixir-is-no-object dragon attacks. 6 stars in the bank.

  3. Ranez says:

    Im in the process of grinding up an alt account on my pc to join you guys since my main is with some RL mates. I miss chatting strats with you guys!


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