AA: Updated 30 min snap judgement

September 16, 2014

Sitting in a queue for at least 30min.

Although the total was only 860, with an initial estimate of under an hour, which is not bad at all for the first day of F2P. That said it might be worth subbing just to avoid the unwashed masses login queue. Assuming, of course, I stay with it for longer than 30min.

AA: Housing rage will be just delighful

September 11, 2014

I’m very 50/50 on ArcheAge right now. Obviously my 30 minute review of it wasn’t glowing, but at the same time I’ve had multiple people tell me that once I get through the leveling garbage, the game is exactly what I would want in an MMO. That’s at least a little tempting. Plus it’s ‘free’ (post for another day) and other than playing FFXIV as a duo, I’m not exactly brimming with MMO options these days.

Easy prediction time though; the head start + housing situation is going to cause a lot of rage, as the prime spots will be picked up long before the first freeloader even gets a chance to create a character. I’m actually dying for this to happen, because there are few things funnier than hearing someone who hasn’t dropped a dime complaining about a service others pay for. The rage tears will be delicious.

Snap judgement: ArcheAge

August 15, 2014

New feature here at the blog (this very well might be the only time its used because that’s generally how well planning goes around here): Snap judgements will basically be a quick review of a title based on spending 30 minutes or so with it. Basically EG reviews but without all the lying about having actually played something extensively.

ArcheAge after 30 minutes: It’s a worst looking, more asian, more dumbed down, arrows-to-every-quest-objective-because-the-game-assumes-you’re-an-idiot, poor man’s version of Final Fantasy XIV MMO themepark. Oh and with the minor-leagues version of F2P that not only features a rather large cash-shop icon in your UI up at all times (that also looks like a demented clown, because fuck you), but the ‘fun’ feature of having to ID every single item you get by expanding labor points, which I quickly run out of but hey, I can always buy more in the cash shop!

Need an ArcheAge beta key

July 31, 2014

If you have a spare, send one over to the email in the top-right corner. Thanks.

ArcheAge: The next big… something

July 30, 2014

Thoughts on ArcheAge as my “desperate for anything half-decent at this point” eyes glance over at it and its upcoming release:

I still don’t get what a ‘sandpark’ is, in terms of what you are trying to accomplish. I mean I get that best-case it’s the best of a sandbox in terms of open-ended content mixed with the ‘driven when you need it’ content of a themepark, but those ideas somewhat contradict each other. Plus let’s be honest, ‘best case’ isn’t exactly what the genre has been doing for the last decade.

Building on the above, one of the early criticism I’ve heard about AA is that the first X of the game is the ‘same old’ linear themepark questing, and that the ‘fun’ stuff doesn’t become an option until later. First, if your core gameplay (combat via questing) isn’t fun or engaging, am I really going to keep playing so I can fly around or sail a boat? I mean maybe I will, but I kinda doubt it. Second, why would a game not focused around, say, farming, keep me interested due to the farming? If I want farming, can’t I load up a game dedicated to that?

Realistically my hope is that AA is decent enough to fill a few months of time, both as a game to play as a duo with the wife and also (longshot) something that is good-enough to draw a solid representation from Inquisition so we can get into guild stuff. I’ve honestly stayed away from too much info about it because in large part I don’t care that much, but also to prolong the ‘newness’ phase with the game.

Get excited everyone…

Dear Trion

July 24, 2014

I can’t ‘reserve’ a beta spot for ArcheAge.

I can buy a spot.

There is a difference, and pretending there isn’t doesn’t make your emails more appealing.

Missing the Steam sale, not buying beta, leading in CoC

July 3, 2014

Quick note about missing the Steam sale due to vacation: Unless Steam wasn’t sending out those “your wishlist game is on sale” notifications, I don’t think I would have picked up much, and I think the winter sale will be more of a thing for me.

I basically echo TAGN thoughts on the sale overall; a few years back it was a big deal, while now we all expect it and it’s really not a surprise or as big an event.

Small MMO note: The rise of paying for beta access also means titles I’m 50/50 on (like Archeage) stay on the waiting list longer (free beta). I’m sure for the company behind a game it’s better to get money up-front sooner than to get ‘influencers’ (if blog writters can still be considered that) to write/hype there game, especially if the game in question isn’t amazing (less hype, more “pass on this” posts).

Final item: I’m now the leader of the Clash of Clans… clan “Supreme Cream!”. If you are at all interested in the game (and you should be, its pretty fantastic) feel free to apply (just mention this blog so I know your not some random). Since the game is actually a rather deep strategy title, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have either through Steam or in-game. Also don’t forget about my tips post.

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