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Darkfall Hobbit

Waiting for the Darkfall beta to start is like watching The Hobbit; way too long, way too much focus put on the stupid filler you forget the moment it’s over, and everyone already knows the ending so just get to … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Unholy War pre-order is here

Pre-order Darkfall: Unholy Wars here. Sadly no referral program yet. Not sure how I’m going to fuel up the Ferrari without one, so hopefully AV gets on that ‘soon’. The bank account that DF1 funded is running dangerously close to … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Beta blues

Darkfall Delay; part 72,343. First off, massive points for announcing the delay minutes before you are set to go live. There is trolling, and then there is AV. Just next level stuff that gets forumfall to exactly where it needs … Continue reading

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Rift: Storm Legion – Who put this sand in here?

James, a community manager from Trion recently reached out to me and asked if I’d be interesting in taking Rift’s upcoming expansion Storm Legion for a guided tour. While I’m not currently playing Rift, and my reasons why are well … Continue reading

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The good times will return

As we draw closer to the release of DF:UW (which, considering AV just made DF1 free, indicates it might actually happen on Nov 20th?), the launch brings up an interesting question that has often been alluded to on blogs and … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Totally fresh

Let’s assume AV does not hold any kind of beta for DF:UW. This would mean that everyone would be blind on day one of go-live in terms of locations, tactics, builds, and just general game info. The mass confusion and … Continue reading

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Darkfall Unholy War: The what and the why

It would seem the recent Darkfall: Unholy War (DF:UW) announcement has caused some confusion, so consider this my public service in attempting to clear some things up. Note that most of this is just personal speculation based on what AV … Continue reading

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