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How to look senile (FBW Thursday edition)

Former MMO blogger Tobold is having a rough year. First his EVE prediction is set to be confirmed as idiotic in just over a month, the industry has nothing for him to play and banished him back to the tabletop, … Continue reading

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Time to act like a true five year old!

I’ve been blogging here for half a decade. Yikes. And having just finished re-reading my 2011 write-up post, things today are not all that different from last year (which mostly sucks). DF2.0 is still not out or even close (no … Continue reading

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So did we ever get that anti-Lum blog?

While doing my own bit of Google-fu for this post over at KTR, I stumbled on this post over at Lum’s from 1999. The first part made me smile. For those who know the origin of this blog here, I … Continue reading

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Sounds logical

I really wish Gevlon would start trying out some of his brilliant solutions. Enjoy.

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Blogging 101

Remember that post about how to make it big in blogging? I present you with exhibit A. Well played Ravious, well played.

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Forget the rest of the noise, the real advice new bloggers need

Have dreams of running a kind-of-a-big-deal blog with awesome amounts of traffic and comments? Here’s how! 1: Blog about the hottest MMO currently out or in the peak of its hype cycle. WoW, SW:TOR (before it died), and most certainly … Continue reading

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Full circle

Find your own items and get rich without doing anything annoying. – Gevlon Today Gevlon’s advice is to play for fun, rather than grinding the most soul-sucking activity just to maximize ISK gain. How far the little guy has come. … Continue reading

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