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King of cashing out, Blizzard matches three, sets fire to $5.9b

Blizzard buying King is really a match made in heaven. What’s Blizzard famous for? Taking a game, cloning it, and putting the Blizzard polish on it. Not familiar with King? Some light reading for you via Forbes about all of … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream Season 1 is in the books

(Text and stats by Delpez) Supreme Cream Performance Season 1 For the last couple of months I’ve been tracking a number of war metrics to measure our performance. No stats were gathered for mismatches in our favor – my loose … Continue reading

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CoC: More fun with numbers! Also spots open in our clan

(Writeup and stats by Delpez. Also our clan, “Supreme Cream!” has a few open spots due to recent roster cleanup. Please mention the blog when applying). Supreme Cream Performance During a previous CoC blog post, a comment was made that … Continue reading

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CoC – Activity tracker link

Here is the link to our activity tracker that Delpez put together. Bookmark it! I’ll be using this to remove inactives to free up spots for others, and to keep the clan as active as possible for wars. Also, our … Continue reading

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CoC: Time for a little clan tune-up!

(Text by Delpez, and I agree with all thoughts/suggestions other than to attack down 1-2, I think if we generally improve we should still be able to hit our matching number, plus it causes less confusion overall) As you guys … Continue reading

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CoC: Spot open

Just a quick programming announcement; we currently have a spot open in the Clash of Clans… clan, “Supreme Cream!”. So long as you are active and willing to learn/improve, please apply mentioning the blog.

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I just fixed WoW, you’re welcome Blizzard

As I wrote over at TAGN, what the next expansion should be, but won’t because this is New Blizzard, is an expansion of garrisons, with Blizzard taking one of the current most successful games (Clash of Clans) and doing what … Continue reading

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