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CoC: Significant changes lead to significantly more fun

Clash of Clans has changed somewhat significantly recently, and IMO is a more fun game now than prior to the updates. The big changes that effected everyone was the reworking of how village shields work, and how you get loot … Continue reading

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Clash of Clans vs Boom Beach

Now that I’m fairly close to the ‘end-game’ of both Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, it’s interesting to see the differences in the two games, and how the game and business models works for them. CoC is very much … Continue reading

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CoC: Season 2 performance writeup

Supreme Cream Performance – Season 2 (Text and stats by Delpez) This season flew by – only two derpy clans and ten proper wars. I don’t know if the matchmaker is improving, but really bad mismatches are becoming far less … Continue reading

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2015 predictions review

Prompted by Wilhelm again, lets look back at my 2015 predictions. DF:UW will shut down. The population is at an all-time low, AV is completely lost with the title, and Forumfall continues to stick daggers into the one game even … Continue reading

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CoC and DB get big updates

Lot of big updates in the mobile gaming world that myself and many blog readers are part of, so lets talk about them! First, did I know Damian Schubert works on Dungeon Boss? He’s the hotbar salesmen from SW:TOR right? … Continue reading

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King of cashing out, Blizzard matches three, sets fire to $5.9b

Blizzard buying King is really a match made in heaven. What’s Blizzard famous for? Taking a game, cloning it, and putting the Blizzard polish on it. Not familiar with King? Some light reading for you via Forbes about all of … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream Season 1 is in the books

(Text and stats by Delpez) Supreme Cream Performance Season 1 For the last couple of months I’ve been tracking a number of war metrics to measure our performance. No stats were gathered for mismatches in our favor – my loose … Continue reading

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