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The good times will return

As we draw closer to the release of DF:UW (which, considering AV just made DF1 free, indicates it might actually happen on Nov 20th?), the launch brings up an interesting question that has often been alluded to on blogs and … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Inquisition and you

As previously mentioned, Inquisition will be going all-in on Darkfall: Unholy Wars come Nov 20th, which is rapidly approaching. So rapidly, in fact, that AV should have released more info about it, but hopefully this is just another case of … Continue reading

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GW2: Review at the midpoint

I hit level 41 last night on my Human Elementalist. In that time I’ve completed (all items checked) three zones, done all storyline quests up to my level, have two crafting skills to 130ish, ran the first instance in Story … Continue reading

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GW2: Posting this from the overflow blogging server

Having re-subbed to WoW this weekend… no wait. GW2! Best game ever! Yay! Wait wait… GW2, still worth the $60, I guess. Much better. Talking about the hours after a major launch is always subjective. My first hour with GW2 … Continue reading

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GW2: Server = Jade Quarry

Inquisition will be playing on Jade Quarry, so if you have been following this blog and are considering playing with us, make that your home server. A lot of factors went into the decision, but overall we feel that server … Continue reading

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GW2: Server selection metagame

The amount of meta-gaming going on right now around GW2 server selection is pretty interesting. More on this post go-live, but if WvW is at all a concern to you, choose wisely (or read this blog).

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Captain Gevlon going down with the Tortanic

And… back! Vacation was very nice, thanks for asking. TAGN did a very nice job filling in for me on the SW:TOR failure front. I agree with everything in his post, and will only add one thing; while it’s obvious … Continue reading

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