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Troll day continues, hotbar salesman is back!

So so good! Embracing the Paradigm Shift: Converting a Premium Team to an (Enthusiastic!) Freemium Team First of all, how great is that title for that talk? Reminds me of “Up in the Air” (awesome movie btw) when they talk … Continue reading

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How many lies are Smed and company going to tell before they all finally cash out?

The slow and public execution of EQN continues. But don’t worry, dumping the software to help you make “strong AI” doesn’t mean you aren’t committed to “strong AI” huh? What’s next, firing the art team but reassuring all the fans … Continue reading

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Great interview about indie gaming

VentureBeat has an excellent interview with Jeff Vogel, the creator of Avernum and other indie RPG games. Very much worth your time. H/t to Armagon for the link

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The little tent-pole that could, and the little blogger that couldn’t

Because some people are getting a little too excited over next-to-nothing, lets actually look at everything said recently from everyone’s favorite video-game producer. “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was the #1 release of the year and the franchise’s cumulative revenue … Continue reading

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Before I give you money Massively…

First, Syp needs to check his damn spam filter and get my account out of it over at Biobreak! As for the site, three simple request: 1: The majority of the main content should never require me to click once … Continue reading

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What a freaking day! First the Pats win and become the greatest ever, and now every single defender of SOE and Smed look like complete and utter fools for arguing with me about the company, now dumped by Sony. Love … Continue reading

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Dear Massively, die and get better

Massively is closing. I know, this is likely the first time a blog post is being written about it, but that’s just what I do, break news and set trends. You’re welcome. I bashed Massively often. Usually it was their … Continue reading

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