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State of the MMO genre, 2015 edition

First things first, it’s now 2015, and just like in 2014, 2013, and really since the beginning of time, we still haven’t seen an as-successful F2P MMO as we have sub MMOs (WoW/FFXIV/EVE). Until we do, this isn’t a debate. … Continue reading

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Living virtual worlds; Now technically possible yet still not here

One of the fun things about the world in Farcry 4 is that events don’t feel as fake as they do in MMOs. For instance, when PQs were first introduced in Warhammer, they were new and fun. By the time … Continue reading

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Modern MMO design creates new barriers for grouping

Keen is talking about why people choose to solo instead of group, and all of his points are spot-on. Some are design mistakes (solo being more efficient/rewarding than grouping), others are social (people are mean), and for some the time … Continue reading

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Burnout is a myth

When WoW was declining due to one crappy expansion after another featuring accessibility-inspired dumbing down, some people tried to write this off as not being about the content, but just due to ‘burnout’. They would have you believe that after … Continue reading

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I’ve officially quit WoW again

Title of the post is just to continue things for folks who apparently only read titles and go directly to comment. There was a lot of nostalgia when my old raiding character, an orc warrior in full T2 wielding the … Continue reading

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AA: Good design can’t overcome a bad business model and stupidity

Whelp, things went downhill fast huh? To some extent this should have been obvious, given that ArcheAge is a F2P MMO, the very clear minor-leagues of the genre. Maybe I was trying to convince myself otherwise, or maybe a particularly … Continue reading

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AA: View from level 50

I recently hit the current level cap of 50 in ArcheAge, so now is a good time to talk about that experience, what changes, and plans going forward. First thing however is how effortless getting to 50 was. Not only … Continue reading

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