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King of cashing out, Blizzard matches three, sets fire to $5.9b

Blizzard buying King is really a match made in heaven. What’s Blizzard famous for? Taking a game, cloning it, and putting the Blizzard polish on it. Not familiar with King? Some light reading for you via Forbes about all of … Continue reading

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Dead State: Get your scripted story out of my sandbox!

As readers here know, I’m a big fan of sandbox gameplay, MMO or otherwise. The core thing that attracts me to the sandbox experience is the sense of unpredictability, of seeing a bunch of tools laid out for you by … Continue reading

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‘Dumb it Down’ is dead

This post is sparked by Loire’s post about the Overwatch beta, specifically this line: The “simplified genre” idea is successful because it opens up games to a much wider audience, including the still-massive World of Warcraft audience. Certainly back in … Continue reading

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Early Access: To support but not to play

I’ve now played a good number of Early Access titles, and while overall I like the system and how Steam runs it, I do have a personal problem with playing EA games; sometimes by the time the game is fully … Continue reading

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Age of Decadence review

Age of Decadence has finally made it out of Early Access and is fully released. I tried the demo a while back, and was impressed enough to keep the game on my radar, and now with full release, I can … Continue reading

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What’s been keeping me busy gaming wise of late

Slow gaming times for me of late, hence the lack of blogging. I’m still playing a bit of ARK, though restarting on a server is a bit rough, as you are basically retracing previous steps, and with the rapid pace … Continue reading

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Dungeon Boss – Grind the game, not the UI

Dungeon Boss continues to impress and entertain me, so if you haven’t already, pick it up and lets be ‘friends’. I mentioned before about the honesty of the games ‘grind’ (air quote because for many grind is a bad word, … Continue reading

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