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Dungeon Boss – Grind the game, not the UI

Dungeon Boss continues to impress and entertain me, so if you haven’t already, pick it up and lets be ‘friends’. I mentioned before about the honesty of the games ‘grind’ (air quote because for many grind is a bad word, … Continue reading

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Oh so very lumpy

Remember when we (Az) were doing a breakdown of that oddball grouping of Destiny and Hearthstone? Trying to figure out what percentage of the pie was Destiny and what crumbs HS contributed? Well… Giving HS credit for crumbs was grossly … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football – Need one more team!

Our Fantasy Football league (NFL, not the kickball and pretend your injured activity) needs one more team. Post a comment here with your email (email can be in your profile, not in the comment Guess WP changed that, leave email … Continue reading

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HS: New Blizzard’s method of balancing the game is to not balance it at all

When Blizzard’s MOBA game was first announced, one of the items I wanted to keep an eye on was how well Blizzard would do at balancing the game, because Blizzard is always slow to make changes, and most recently hasn’t … Continue reading

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New Blizzard investor call ‘highlights’

Items that jumped out at me from the Activision Blizzard investor call: “Destiny now has over 20 million registered players, with an average of about 100 hours of game play each” First, the statement that the average gameplay length from … Continue reading

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ARK Survival Evolve quick thoughts

I picked up ARK Survival Evolved because a few people have bugged me to get it, and also because it was on a small Steam sale. I’ve only spend a few hours with it, and currently all of my characters … Continue reading

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HS: What’s the problem again?

So rumor has it tournament Hearthstone games are being decided by a coin flip. What a minute… What HS game isn’t decided by a coin flip?

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