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CoC and DB get big updates

Lot of big updates in the mobile gaming world that myself and many blog readers are part of, so lets talk about them! First, did I know Damian Schubert works on Dungeon Boss? He’s the hotbar salesmen from SW:TOR right? … Continue reading

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Defeat leads to victory, and victory means defeat

How many times have you quit playing a game because you lost? How many times have you quit a game because you won? The first is rarer than the second, right? We view defeat as motivation to improve and try … Continue reading

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Actually do something good

I almost never post about real life here on this blog, because I know people don’t come to a blog that is usually rando rants about videogames to hear about serious topics, but today is an exception for an important … Continue reading

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Steam: A premium service at a basement price

I’ve teased Az a few times about his ‘poor people’ life choices, be it not going with an iPhone or buying games for a few bucks less on a platform that isn’t Steam. The root of the teasing is that … Continue reading

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King of cashing out, Blizzard matches three, sets fire to $5.9b

Blizzard buying King is really a match made in heaven. What’s Blizzard famous for? Taking a game, cloning it, and putting the Blizzard polish on it. Not familiar with King? Some light reading for you via Forbes about all of … Continue reading

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Dead State: Get your scripted story out of my sandbox!

As readers here know, I’m a big fan of sandbox gameplay, MMO or otherwise. The core thing that attracts me to the sandbox experience is the sense of unpredictability, of seeing a bunch of tools laid out for you by … Continue reading

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‘Dumb it Down’ is dead

This post is sparked by Loire’s post about the Overwatch beta, specifically this line: The “simplified genre” idea is successful because it opens up games to a much wider audience, including the still-massive World of Warcraft audience. Certainly back in … Continue reading

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