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Testing a new theme

Tell me how much you hate it. The main reason for the change is I noticed the old theme removed the tabs near the top for the CoC and Sandbox pages. Just more WordPress doing WordPress things.

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What’s been keeping me busy gaming wise of late

Slow gaming times for me of late, hence the lack of blogging. I’m still playing a bit of ARK, though restarting on a server is a bit rough, as you are basically retracing previous steps, and with the rapid pace … Continue reading

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Time to catch up

Missing a week of Internet feels like missing a year of RL; lot-o-catching up to do. I miss anything really major? I’m assuming the normal stuff like Turbine shutting down a game, SOE being SOE, and FFXIV being bigger than … Continue reading

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Can’t use till after Christmas.   Not playing Total War: Rome 2, Farcry 4, FFXIV, and Endless Legends right now because I want to play them without a single hitch maxed out. Luckily The Settlers II – 10th Anniversary edition … Continue reading

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New PC configuration

Here is the configuration I have from Digital Storm. Config code is 1074730 if you want to look at it yourself over at their site. Chassis Model: Digital Storm Coridium Processor: Intel Core i5 4690K 3.50 GHz (Codename Devils Canyon) … Continue reading

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Knowing what day it is is highly overrated

First I can confirm that lack of sleep over prolonged periods of time most certainly causes your IQ to drop a few points. Dumb zombie mode is, thankfully, coming to an end ‘soon’. That said a little lack of sleep … Continue reading

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2 million bot visits

According to the blog traffic tracker, which I’m sure is 100% accurate, this blog has recently surpassed 2 million views. That’s… something? On the one hand if someone had told me when I first started this whole thing that I’d … Continue reading

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