Fantasy Football time once again!

July 26, 2013

The yearly HC Fantasy Football league needs 3 new managers to replace some inactives. If interested, send me an email (top right of this site) and I’ll send you the invite. No draft date set yet, but should be on the weekend after the 3rd pre-season game.

Thanks for the spam WordPress

July 20, 2013

Back from vacation; nothing like spam-tagging close to a million comments.

Dear WordPress, do everyone a favor and just tag anything with a Facebook URL as spam. Thanks, everyone.

DF:UW patch, Civ expansion

July 9, 2013

A new and fairly important patch has hit DF:UW today. Initial reactions are positive, which is saying something considering the link is to ForumFall. I’ve been pacing myself in DF of late; I’m currently at 57k prowess with a few feats worth 15k just about done (villains, menhirs). Still trying not to be terrible at PvP, mostly failing.

I’ve had a game of Civ V: Brave New World going most of the day (working from home) in basically semi-afk mode (no wars, little to do per turn). So far I’m really liking the new additions. They are easy to get into, but I can see how they will really add a lot of depth and unique strategy.

As for the blog itself, it’s been slow mostly due to RL being busy (which won’t get better as I’m on vacation all next week) and the above mentioned working from home thing. At home I’m more likely to have something up in the background than I am to write a blog. I’ll have to work on that, because I’m not short for topics or content, just time.


Commenting on Blogger

January 23, 2013

Is it just me or is commenting on Blogger-hosted blogs massively frustrating? Between the login errors, the captcha that is impossible to read half the time, to it eating what you wrote, it takes me ten times as long to comment on those blogs than on others, to the point that I generally don’t bother.

Is it as bad for Blogger-people when they come to WordPress sites, or is it a one-way street of suck?

/end rant.


Time to act like a true five year old!

August 13, 2012

I’ve been blogging here for half a decade. Yikes.

And having just finished re-reading my 2011 write-up post, things today are not all that different from last year (which mostly sucks). DF2.0 is still not out or even close (no beta), Dominion is dead, GW2 is about to release, EVE is EVE, and the rest of the genre is still more or less in the toilet. At least Tortanic has been more entertaining than I expected blog-wise, good stuff there. I really, really hope the 2013 edition of this post is not me repeating the above.

To the numbers!

Blog Stats as of 8/13/2012

Total views: 1,420,684

Busiest day: 11,852 — Thursday, September 6, 2007

Posts: 1,474

Comments: 21,858

Blog Stats as of 8/12/2011

Total views: 1,035,401

Busiest day: 11,852 — Thursday, September 6, 2007

Posts: 1,166

Comments: 16,129

Blog Stats 2010

Total views: 692,972

Busiest day: 11,852 — Thursday, September 6, 2007

Posts: 843

Comments: 11,790

Blog Stats 2009

Total views: 335,842

Busiest day: 11,852 — Thursday, September 6, 2007

Posts: 523

Comments: 5,393

Blog Stats 2008

Total views: 104,123

Busiest day: 11,852 – Thursday, September 6, 2007

Posts: 253

Comments: 1,658

I think at this point I need to pay off a major website to link to some post to knock off that Sep 6th, 2007 post. It’s getting kinda silly. Comments increased nicely, thanks to everyone who took the time. I made a total of 308 posts, which while not a record seems like a huge amount to me right now, especially in a year when the general MMO trend was “Game X is coming ‘soon’” and soon never happened.

Top Posts for all days ending 2012-08-13

Rift Review (EG Style) – 54,525

The love and hate game, WoW style. – 18,228

The real Rift review – 18,100

EQ2, trial of the neverending download. – 12,542

Kingdom Conquest tips – 12,367

Level 4 missions in EVE, and my silly Rohk battleship. – 11,373

iPhone MMO, Field Runners, and a slow Friday. – 10,792

Aion end-game, way ahead of WoW and WAR. – 9,442

DarkFall Review: One Year Later – 7,863

Blizzard’s new focus for WoW, just as soon as Mythic finishes it. – 7,709

Top Posts for all days ending 2011-08-12

Rift Review (EG Style) 53,619

The love and hate game, WoW style. 17,966

The real Rift review 12,737

EQ2, trial of the neverending download. 11,812

iPhone MMO, Field Runners, and a slow Friday. 10,749

Level 4 missions in EVE, and my silly Rohk battleship. 9,641

Aion end-game, way ahead of WoW and WAR. 8,809

Blizzard’s new focus for WoW, just as soon as Mythic finishes it. 7,572

DarkFall Review: One Year Later 6,581

Warhammer’s major problem, the players. 6,191

The top spots remain unchanged, and with only some minor bump-ups in numbers. The big gainer was the real Rift review, which at least is a ‘real’ post. The top ten here is seriously looking like “slow blog day, better type something random/dumb/pointless” all-star list. The gift that is Google everyone. Also something should be said about that Kingdom Conquest post and how iPhone gaming is a big deal and really important now and blablabla.

WordPress, as they seem to always do, changed how they display stats and have made it no longer possible to copy/paste Referrers over, so this section is going to look a little different.

They also group things like search engines now. Thanks… Out of the 60k+ referrers from the Search Engine category, 55k was from Google. To state the obvious, Google is the only search engine in town that matters. Bing is a pathetic 1628, and it’s second.

Jestertrek takes the next spot with 11,612, followed by Google Reader (6491), (3806), Nilsmmoblog (1923), evenews24 (1820), TAGN (1817), Reddit (1744), Keen and Graev (1545), and finally Werit (1237) .

I question WordPress here, not only because the overall numbers look fishy, but because Kill Ten Rats is not even in the top 20. Sad, as I always liked seeing who brings people here, and found how that whole aspect of blogging works interesting.

Search Terms for all days ending 2012-08-13

rift review 50,531

hardcore casual 12,655

syncaine 9,453

darkfall review 6,005

rift reviews 5,495

elo hell 3,242

field runners 3,149

kingdom conquest 2,948

dragon age review 2,778

darkfall reviews 1,707

umadbro 1,707

Search Terms for all days ending 2011-08-12

rift review – 47,448

hardcore casual – 10,242

syncaine – 5,560

darkfall review – 5,503

rift reviews – 5,279

field runners – 3,149

elo hell – 2,791

dragon age review – 2,764

kingdom conquest – 1,865

darkfall reviews – 1,604

perpetuum review – 1,386

First the obvious, how funny is it that “darkfall reviews” and “umadbro” are tied for 10th at exactly 1707? Other than that, again just more of the same. The list is largely unchanged, and the numbers overall have gone up just a bit. The lesson here is that once your site is associated with a particular search term, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

So what to expect for year 5? I’m guessing GW2 will (continue) to cause waves, and hopefully we are not writing “what went wrong” posts in three months. Because if GW2 does indeed fail to truly entertain on an MMO scale (6+ months at the absolute minimum), 2013 is going to be a lot more of the same (EVE).

Speaking of EVE, I’ll be interested to see where INQ-E goes. We are in a bit of a summer lull right now, and still trying to figure out exactly what we want out of HAHA and deep WH space. I expect that once summer is over, alliance-wide activity will ramp back up, and with it INQ-E’s role. The winter expansion will likely play a pretty key role here as well.

Aria and I still play LoL almost daily. Playing the game is easy when your wife fiends for it, and it’s hard to say “no honey, I don’t want to play that computer game with you” with a straight face. That said, I will be forcing her to play GW2 with the rest of INQ, and have (jokingly but not really but yea) threatened to have her LoL account temp-banned to make that happen. The things we do for our loved ones, right?

Long-shots: DF2.0 comes out. Pathfinder comes out and is not a technical mess like 90% of all indy MMOs. Some random MMO comes out of left field and surprises us. Tortanic is a massive hit as a F2P title (haha just kidding, 0.0 chance of that happening).

5 years. I feel so old…

(Sorry for some of the formatting and lack of links. WordPress + Word + Copy/paste does not always yield great results)

Fantasy Football time!

August 13, 2012

Its Fantasy Football time again.

If you would like to play in the league I’ve been running for the last few years, just drop me an email (syncaine at yahoo) and I’ll send you an invite. It’s not a super-serious league, but if you do sign up please play out the season regardless of how badly I’m destroying you.

Coaches from last year have been sent a reminder/invite. If you have any issues, also drop me a note.

Vacation time

July 25, 2012

I’m off on no-Internet vacation until August 6th, so this blog will be quiet until then.

When I get back I’ll be sure to talk a little about SW:TOR shutting down (that’s still scheduled for next week, right?), as well as likely reopen recruitment in EVE (train up those scanning skills).

Behave yourselves until then.

Dear EAWare and SOE: Please don’t release any blog-worthy announcements until I get back. I so do hate missing quality bash opportunities.

Ah who am I kidding, zero chance you guys can go a week without something stupid coming out.

Job hunt

April 23, 2012

RL interruption: I’m currently looking for a new job. I’m a business analyst in IT right now, with experience running projects and just received my PMP. If you work at a place near Boston MA that has an opening, or know someone who might, please email me.

If you help me land a job I’ll let you join my EVE Corp!

Fact not opinion

January 13, 2012

The only fact that exists about WoW right now related to its success and failure is that it went from a game that was rapidly growing to one that is rapidly shrinking.

Every comment or theory behind the ‘why’ is an opinion. Blizzard has an opinion, I have an opinion, and commentators here have an opinion. I’m waiting for Azuriel to give his opinion. He has so far spent a lot of time, a lot of typing, and a lot of quoting to show that my opinion of the ‘why’ is not a fact.


Backing up an opinion with a fact (WoW is shrinking) does not make the original opinion a fact itself. I find it terribly boring to debate this, since, you know, it’s not a debate.

What I don’t find boring, and clearly what others are interested in reading, are just those opinions about the ‘why’. It’s actually what this blog is mostly about (well that and shilling Darkfall).

You know what else is boring? Spending a lot of time/typing arguing something that was never actually said (At least seriously, good trolling is an art after all). Counter-arguing that making WoW harder/easier would not have completely solved all its woes is pointless. Difficulty/accessibility is not some be-all end-all cure/disease for an MMO. It’s a factor, and perhaps a very important one, but not THE one and only factor. But in order to keep posts focused, and in order to keep them at a length that most people find readable, I often talk about one factor at a time. That does not mean that magically that one point is now all-important, and pointing this out in every post is a waste of everyone’s time.

EVE is not solely successful because everyone plays on one server.

EVE is in-part successful because everyone plays on one server.

And the above is not fact. It’s my opinion. We all on the same page here?

I love to debate MMO design and theory. Tell me why you think something works. Tell me why you think it doesn’t. Feel free to use past experiences or the success/failure of games to support this. Bring up some little-known fact from some game as an example of something. All good. Really good actually.

But don’t attempt to turn a discussion of opinion into some scientific formula where you plug in a few values and get an absolute result. Not only does it not work, it’s not very entertaining.

And at the end of the day, that’s why we read blogs, to be entertained (fact).

(Bonus points if you can tell me the source of this post’s title)

EVE: Let’s be buddies

November 8, 2011

Prompted by a comment, I have 19 (across two accounts) available Buddy invites for EVE, which gives you a 21 day extended trial (if you sign up for the game I get 30 days credited to my account). If you would be interested in the trail please comment here, and use a valid email account (I’ll see the email account and send you the invite, no need to post your actual email in the text of the comment itself).

The Corporation I’m in, DiS, is also looking for a few more pilots, new or old, to grow our numbers and enable us to do some of the bigger content (lvl 5 missions, incursions, large-scale mining Ops, low/null-sec PvP trips). The first bit of advice all new pilots are given is to join a Corp, and we at DiS are more than happy to assist new players in learning the ropes. My two pilots are SynCaine and Zealot Syn, feel free to contact either of them when you get in-game.


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