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Boxed in

I bet you are wondering why I’m blogging less huh? Yea, I figured you were. Darkfall NDA is mostly to blame. MMO genre being a pile of crap is another factor. I mean, not only is there not a title … Continue reading

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Cogs are greater than heroes: Games and choice

Choice in videogames has about as successful a history as games that will “make you cry”. 99.9% of the time the claim is BS, and that other .1% you had something in your eye. Point being when some marketing guy … Continue reading

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Witchers, Heroes, Thrones, Rift

Just some quick hits for today. I finally, for the first time, beat The Witcher. My previous two attempts both fell short due to mass bugs (at release) and a comp change (a few months ago). Now, on the new … Continue reading

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Civ V, The Witcher, M&B:W, and Rift beta

Some random notes for today: Played two games of the scenario included in the first DLC for Civilization V, very entertaining. It’s rather short (limited to 100 turns), somewhat easy (the other sides don’t play with the sense of urgency … Continue reading

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Focus = Fun?

Lately my MMO gaming time has been down a bit, mostly due to DoTA, but also from the fact that currently I’m only actively playing LoTRO, and that’s with Aria, so we don’t log in a ton of hours each … Continue reading

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Damn you flu!

The lack of updates is due to a nasty flu that hit me hard and is just now finally going away. In actually gaming news… well other than still working my way through The Witcher (still good, not sure about … Continue reading

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Stories in our MMOs.

Scott over at Pumping Irony (great name btw) has a post about storytelling in MMOs and why they generally fail. He breaks down the current problems, mostly that character development is really just attribute development, which I fully agree with. … Continue reading

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