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HS: Now not even a footnote, and the clock has officially started for the FFXIV takeover of WoW

Bla bla bla WoW is dying, will soon be overtaken by FFXIV for most subs, SynCaine right again, etc etc etc. Honestly if any of this is still surprising to you, that’s on you. Pay attention and join the cool … Continue reading

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Dear KTR, unblock me

I miss leaving extremely witty one-liners, get me out of your spam bin.

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Spam, freebies, rewards

Slow days in blogging land of late, unless you are really into ‘debating’ definitions or pounding away at the corpse of a long-dead horse, so just a quick couple of notes for today. First, if you own a blog that … Continue reading

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CoC: All we do is win win win no matter what

Just a friendly reminder that if you aren’t playing Clash of Clans with us, you’re missing out big-time. Great group of blog readers just helping each other out in a great game and having a great time all around. Great. … Continue reading

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Return to sanity

So this happened over the weekend. Head on over and enjoy, especially the comments section. If you skim, don’t worry, I’ve got a lot of the choice quotes here. On the surface this just sounds like a bitter ex-MMO blogger … Continue reading

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Genre Splitting

I want to combine some topics and thoughts into what will hopefully be a larger point; it’s crazy that today, games like GW2 and EVE are considered part of the same genre. Allow me to explain. Shiolle asked the following: … Continue reading

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Yes yes, but its FREE garbage!

Catching up on blogs, and I just came across this line from Lum: Everything is free to play, because the financial barrier entry for MMOs is fiercely competitive and in the end it’s very difficult to compete with zero. I … Continue reading

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