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Trion being Trion: RNG land grab

Editor’s note: These are far more enjoyable from afar rather than having to suffer through them hoping Trion eventually figures out how to run an MMO. Spoiler: they won’t! You know what would make a guild-based land rush limited to … Continue reading

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Games I’m playing these days

Little roundup of what I’ve been playing recently, because this is info you need to know. Clash of Clans: “Supreme Cream!” has hit 50 clan member, although a few are alts as we are holding two spots for former members … Continue reading

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So dumbed down its just dumb

There is a good post and fun comments thread over at K&G about Blizzard’s upcoming League of Legend’s clone (get it), Heroes of the Storm. Here is Keen’s basic statement of the game: Heroes of the Storm is, essentially, a … Continue reading

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