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CR: Tourneys are here, and need some fixing

Tourneys have finally come to Clash Royale, and they are… interesting. Like a lot of stuff about CR, the core is good and they are fun, but the surrounding details are both frustrating and perhaps ultimately flawed. Lets dig in. … Continue reading

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Kickstarter funding down in 2016 for videogames

This article about the overall money coming into Kickstarter videogames being down in 2016 makes me happy. Not because I dislike Kickstarter, the exact opposite actually, but because its an indicator that the average contributor is getting smarter, and that … Continue reading

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EVE: My first major “I was there” moment

Let the record show: I now have not one, but four titan kills on my record. Killboard green for life! The story behind this brawl is a good one too. Ever since Lenny’s money has stopped blowing, the MBC has … Continue reading

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