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EVE might save the MMO genre

Continuing the conversation started yesterday about the MMO genre, and how I don’t believe its time has passed or that the genre ‘doesn’t work’ anymore, let’s talk about EVE. But first, what do you see when you look at EQ1 … Continue reading

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The MMO genre isn’t dead, its just lacking good MMOs

I’m of the firm believe that the MMO genre is struggling primarily because there hasn’t been a good MMO released in years (insert “since EVE” or “since Darkfall” joke here). The struggle isn’t about gamer tastes changing to loves MOBA … Continue reading

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Digital board games are fine, mostly

Quick post today, just to officially start the “back in the office” blogging era. Humble Bundle had a deal on PC games base on board games, like Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Pathfinder Adventures. Overall I’m happy with the purchase, … Continue reading

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