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Pathfinder Online: What 1.9m gets you

The latest dev blog from Goblinworks, makers of the upcoming Pathfinder Online (currently holder of the very distinguished “Next sandbox MMO least likely to suck” award) talks money, specifically that they spent 1.9m in 2013. Numbers are fun, especially once … Continue reading

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SC: Developer deja vu

The 2013 Chris Roberts cult worship reminds me of 2006 Richard Garriott cult worship. If you look at their Wikipedia pages, their careers look amazingly similar. RG has Ultima, CR has Wing Commander. RG has Tabula Rasa, CR has Wing … Continue reading

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Star Citizen: Whale-sized expectations

There is only one option for Star Citizen at this point; it’s going to be a huge explosion. Now, that explosion could be a birth of an awesome MMO, or it could give us the greatest rage bubble burst of … Continue reading

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