EVE:Grunt work

Undocks do happen in the Imperium!

Our current actions, of which I now understand about 5% of, feel very much like trench warfare. We grind to gain an inch, the enemy grinds back to retake it, and on we go. Only here the war front has a half dozen or more sides, and rather than walk through a trench, we jump around via Titan. Ok the trench warfare analogy is a stretch, but the point is that we are at war, and while the headlines are always about the big key moments, the ‘real war’ is the daily actions of the boots on the ground. Or in my case, clownshoes in space.

And its fun. Its fun to be part of something massive, and not themepark “omg 50 people involved!” massive, but ‘thousands of people going at it daily’ massive. It also helps that all of the Fleet Commanders so far have made it a point to be positive and appreciative of clown pilots, because the role really isn’t the most glamorous, though it is very important to get stuff done. And even in a simple role like clownshoes, there is still a good amount of coordination that must go on to get the job done efficiently, in addition to the usual fleet stuff of moving around between systems and flying as one fleet.

My next goal is to get into a combat fleet to start putting myself on the right side of a combat report, but I think I need to get a better overview setup before I do that.

PS: We recently had a couple people go inactive in Clash of Clans and could use some replacements. Any town hall level (including new players once you can join a clan) are welcome, as we will get you trained up.

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  1. Prudosta Balakskoy is good and very supportive and glad to answer questions, not to mention a freaking iron man when it comes to leading fleets. He takes a six hour shift most evenings. Just make sure that, when he tells you to do something, you do it most ricky ticky.

    But yes, you clearly need a kill mail now.

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