Age of Conan, not-so-open beta.

FilePlanet has the AoC beta, sorta… They seem to run out of keys within seconds of posting a batch, which is a sweet way of jacking up their page refresh rate. Good job…

I’ll have a nice rant up about the whole idea of ‘open beta’ as it exists these days tomorrow, little bit busy today.

I’ll leave today with this; for a game with a huge amount of ‘meh’ feelings about it already, making people jump through hoops to get into a beta is not a smart move. Sure the diehards will take the day off and refresh a website every ten minutes in hopes of getting a key, but for the vast majority, they will give a product one chance before moving on. That whole ‘5 minute first impression’ deal. Anyway, more about it tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Age of Conan, not-so-open beta.

  1. Mallika says:

    Yeah, it does leave a bit of an aftertaste in the mouth, doesn’t it? :) As I mentioned over on Keen and Graev’s blog, it got me worked up a bit and I decided to write a post regarding some tips/things to keep in mind for this whole ordeal. Thought it might help a little. The post is at:

  2. Lepuke says:

    Its open enough for me, the lack of NDA and open flow of information open beta brings is all i am interested in.

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