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WoW Classic: Alt-itis

One of the big surprises related to WoW Classic for me has been my enjoyment of playing alts. Back in Vanilla I only had my Orc Warrior, and later had a lvl 19 twink undead Rogue. But I never got … Continue reading

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WoW Classic and TFT, by the numbers

Lets talk numbers on a late Friday afternoon! First up is info from Riot on the success of Team Fight Tactics, the non-WoW game that I’m still playing heavily. The big number is that 33 million accounts play TFT a … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: First month and the game is still growing, but for how long?

We are a month into WoW Classic and a few things are shaking out. The biggest IMO being that the population hasn’t gone down since launch, and if anything is still growing, as Blizzard continues to open new servers. Of … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: I’m a Pali, and I auto-attack things

I never played a Paladin in WoW. The biggest reason for this was that I played Horde at release, and was never big on creating alts. When TBC came out, I rolled a space goat shaman. Now that Classic is … Continue reading

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Million Lords Review

I receive a decent number of invites/requests from developers to try their game and post feedback here. I decline/ignore most, but not all. One such request I did not ignore was for a game called Million Lords, which is tagged … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: Two dungeons, two different games

In the last few days our guild ran two instances, Shadow Fang Keep and Gnomeregan, and the two experiences nicely mirror the differences between WoW Classic and Retail IMO. For SFK, our group was a bit higher in levels than … Continue reading

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WoW is dead. Long live WoW!

WoW Retail, born Nov 23rd, 2004, has sadly passed away at the age of (almost) 15 on Aug 26th, 2019. Cause of death: WoW Classic. RIP in peace. Ever since WoW Retail become a monster hit sometime around 2005, ‘WoW … Continue reading

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