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Million Lords Review

I receive a decent number of invites/requests from developers to try their game and post feedback here. I decline/ignore most, but not all. One such request I did not ignore was for a game called Million Lords, which is tagged … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: Two dungeons, two different games

In the last few days our guild ran two instances, Shadow Fang Keep and Gnomeregan, and the two experiences nicely mirror the differences between WoW Classic and Retail IMO. For SFK, our group was a bit higher in levels than … Continue reading

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WoW is dead. Long live WoW!

WoW Retail, born Nov 23rd, 2004, has sadly passed away at the age of (almost) 15 on Aug 26th, 2019. Cause of death: WoW Classic. RIP in peace. Ever since WoW Retail become a monster hit sometime around 2005, ‘WoW … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: It’s not a hard game, but it does reward player skill

As we continue to see mountains of feedback about Classic via blogs and forums, one topic keeps coming up that is being misunderstood and/or misrepresented: the difficulty of WoW Classic, either as its own entity or compared to Retail. I’ll … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: The case for an expansion, and I don’t mean TBC

We are just over a week in, but considering Blizzard is STILL opening new servers and now offering server transfers, I think its safe to say that Classic has been a hit beyond what Blizzard originally projected. How big of … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: Deadmines have been run, a server queue has been spotted

As a guild we ran the Deadmines on Sunday and again on Monday night. Both runs were successful, though the Sunday run had a few wipes and had to deal with respawns, while the Monday run was clean start to … Continue reading

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