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Civilization: Beyond Earth – Mod or future greatness?

I fully expect to see two basic review styles of Civilization: Beyond Earth. One will lean heavily towards “its a mod/expansion for Civ V”, while the other will dig into specific changes to try and explain why it ultimately feels … Continue reading

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Random: Did someone hack Comcast?

Just got off the phone with Comcast, and not only was I put into contact with a human in short order, the human spoke English, didn’t BS me for 30 minutes, and actually clearly explained current options. Then, when I … Continue reading

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AA: Good design can’t overcome a bad business model and stupidity

Whelp, things went downhill fast huh? To some extent this should have been obvious, given that ArcheAge is a F2P MMO, the very clear minor-leagues of the genre. Maybe I was trying to convince myself otherwise, or maybe a particularly … Continue reading

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CoC: War stats vs Dayana 10/20/2014

(Post and stats by Delpez. Also a quick note; we are now at 50 members, the cap in CoC.) Supreme Cream! vs Dayana Supreme Cream Enemy Average TH Level 6.98 7.38 Score 141 126 Total Attacks Used 88 90 Total … Continue reading

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AA: Trion being Trion at it’s finest

If even half of this is true, Trion is far more incompetent than even I have joked about. It honestly has taken most of the wind out of the game for me, which is a complete shame because the game … Continue reading

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AA: View from level 50

I recently hit the current level cap of 50 in ArcheAge, so now is a good time to talk about that experience, what changes, and plans going forward. First thing however is how effortless getting to 50 was. Not only … Continue reading

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Some people play MMOs, some play EVE

To say that EVE is a different kind of MMO is perhaps the biggest understatement in gaming. Year after year events happen in EVE that no other game will likely ever come close to replicating, and the game’s depth, complexity, … Continue reading

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PvE-only servers don’t actually work

Would CCP be better off if they created a PvE-only server for EVE? Some carebears would argue yes, because since EVE only has a PvP server, they don’t play. On the surface that makes sense; PvP-only games are indeed locking … Continue reading

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Who hasn’t wanted to kill someone over a balance change?

Oh Gamergate, why are you so entertainingly funny? The fact that comments aren’t enabled on that story is a crime, because the CNN comments section makes the Massively comments section look like a Mensa meeting. I’m not going to fully … Continue reading

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The taint of your ‘peers’

If I tell you “Game X is kinda like Farmville”, you take that as a negative. Same but reverse if I say “Game Y is like Civilization”. This works on a broader view too; F2P, ‘casual’ game, WoW-clone, zombie-survival, yet-another-MOBA, … Continue reading

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