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Blogging 101

Remember that post about how to make it big in blogging? I present you with exhibit A. Well played Ravious, well played.

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Today’s post is somewhat of a continuation from yesterday, because what I’ve heard/read is fascinating in so many ways. According to more than one commentator here, the themepark side of the MMO genre is doing just fine, and all but … Continue reading

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My favorite genre is coming back!

MMOs are a niche genre in gaming. They are games that require additional ‘work’ beyond just loading something up, and to really get the most out of them you have to put in that ‘work’ consistently. They can also be … Continue reading

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You’re welcome

And I’m hoping that ‘death’ arrives with SW:TOR. If even half the crap about that game is true, it’s going to be an E.T., bury-copies-in-the-desert-sized disaster. Nothing, and I mean nothing released about that game has interested me in the … Continue reading

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Steal Crusader Kings II for $10

Crusader Kings II for $10 at Amazon. Can’t stress enough how good of a value this is if you enjoy strategy games.  

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Forget the rest of the noise, the real advice new bloggers need

Have dreams of running a kind-of-a-big-deal blog with awesome amounts of traffic and comments? Here’s how! 1: Blog about the hottest MMO currently out or in the peak of its hype cycle. WoW, SW:TOR (before it died), and most certainly … Continue reading

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EVE: WH life is like a box of chocolates

One of the more well-known challenges of living in a wormhole is the dynamic nature of the space and what it provides. The only guarantee of our hole is a low-sec exit, and while we can roll that exit if … Continue reading

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Full circle

Find your own items and get rich without doing anything annoying. – Gevlon Today Gevlon’s advice is to play for fun, rather than grinding the most soul-sucking activity just to maximize ISK gain. How far the little guy has come. … Continue reading

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EVE: Two Inferno thoughts

The new missile effects are amazing, and the new launcher graphics make the Tengu look like the beast it really is. I honestly can’t express just how good missile look now, and videos don’t really do the improvement justice. Seeming … Continue reading

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No relation

This. This. It’s been 6 months already? Saddest part is all the wrong people are being laid off, as I’m sure whichever genius came up with the solo-MMO idea is still getting paid (way too much), while the guy trying … Continue reading

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