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GW2: The game Mythic tried to make

Let me get this out of the way first; GW2 is worth the $60. If it had a sub I’d feel differently, but as it does not, what GW2 does is worth the $60. All of the below is based … Continue reading

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GW2: First Impressions

Super white login screen that initially blurs your text + loud music you can’t turn off + not being able to play thanks to some random error = Jesus MMO has finally arrived. But hey, its only beta and it’s … Continue reading

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EVE: Jita Burns Trammel

I was there. Jita Burns also reminds me why Trammel was such a horrible mistake. Most days, for most people, Empire space in EVE is ‘safe’ unless you do something stupid. Not all of New Eden is a FFA PvP … Continue reading

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EVE: Wormhole opportunities and threats

One challenging aspect of wormhole life is how dynamic the environment truly is. One day sites won’t spawn and you won’t have any connections besides your static, and the next you have three hostile connections and more sites than you … Continue reading

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GW2: Might as well

I pre-ordered GW2 today in order to buy my way into the beta weekends. I was going to hold off, but since I don’t expect GW2 to failcascade like SW:TOR, I doubt the box price is going to drop anytime … Continue reading

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EVE: Overpopulating New Eden

EVE is still called a niche MMO, despite having more subs than most sub MMOs, and despite being the only MMO with sustained growth after 8+ years. Perhaps when people say niche, they mean that EVE is the only truly … Continue reading

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EVE: CCP ‘borrowing’ from RL

I found this amusing: RL beats EVE to mining asteroids. To be fair, RL is ‘borrowing’ moon mining from EVE, so it all works out.

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Job hunt

RL interruption: I’m currently looking for a new job. I’m a business analyst in IT right now, with experience running projects and just received my PMP. If you work at a place near Boston MA that has an opening, or … Continue reading

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EVE: Lame newbie excuses

One comment I often see related to EVE is that a new player was never able to find a Corp to join, and so only played the game for X amount of time and quit because he got bored, or … Continue reading

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EVE: The skill plan trap

One of the biggest decisions a new player to EVE will have to make is how they approach training skills. At a very high level, you either train for now, or train for later. Training for now gets you going … Continue reading

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