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Breaking down MMO burnout, and ways to avoid it.

Rick over at /random expressed concern that his longtime guild may not be as hyped for WAR as he is, and that their time together in the game may be rather limited due to general MMO veteran burnout, a legitimate … Continue reading

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One year of blogging done, and what a year it has been!

It’s been a year already? I initially started blogging for what I believe is the most common reason: to have a place to keep all my thoughts and ideas about gaming in one place. What originally started as just ‘something … Continue reading

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MMO history, that Bartle guy, and why WoW2 won’t blow your mind.

It seems we had a busy weekend in the MMO blog world, fueled by an interview with Richard Bartle done by Michael Zenke over at Massively. As with anything remotely interesting posted on the internet these days, the responses to … Continue reading

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AoC bashing, LoTRO update, ISK talk.

Ah Friday sweetness. Heartless and Rick over at /random both commented on a Massively report about AoC and it’s troubles with its much-hyped endgame PvP. It would seem that massive amounts of high details characters letting off fancy spell effects … Continue reading

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Focused crafting, not just a bullet point on a box!

Psychochild breaks down the general ideas behind crafting in his recent post, a topic that was addressed here on this blog not too long ago. While I don’t want to rehash the great discussion we had from my previous post, … Continue reading

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Google the crime dog.

Overall a sad story, but this has to be mentioned for stupid move of the year. How do you even defend that in court? ‘Oh I was just Googling it for fun…’ . Not to give crime advice, but if … Continue reading

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Warhammer Online and the queue issue, RELAX!

I really should not be getting this worked up about a pre-release MMO topic, but this just hit a nerve for some reason. Keen, and today Tobold, made posts about Mythic’s plans for realm balance, and that ONE tool they … Continue reading

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“Top of the world baby, top of the world!”

Banner 17 baby! What a game. Unbelievable that the Lakers just mailed it in and quit on that game. Granted they were playing a clearly superior team, but still, you don’t just let yourself get beaten that badly on a … Continue reading

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100k views, plus some rambling.

100,000 views, ding! At some point over the weekend that ‘milestone’ was reached, just before the one year anniversary of the blog. I think that’s a lot… is it? I mean I know major sites get like millions of views … Continue reading

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Cutting down the money tree, MMO style.

This is a rather amazing back and forth. Quite a long read to get the full story, but well worth your time. It’s rather hard for me to comment on anything specific because I’ve never played SWG, but like everyone … Continue reading

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