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Grab a torch and join the idiot mob.

I like the color blue. Half the internet now thinks I hate the color red. Seriously, that seems to be the way things work now. Mark Jacobs makes a post talking about NEW things coming to WAR in the near … Continue reading

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Breaking down Mark Jocob’s WAR update

Mark Jacobs gave the WAR community an update on Mythic’s future plans for Warhammer, specifically the continued focus on making open RvR WARs absolute main attraction. It encouraging to know Mythic recognizes what separates WAR from other MMOs, and will … Continue reading

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MMOs go through an awkward teenager phase too.

It dawned on me this weekend that MMO games suck for a while, and then find their spots and excel. Duh, I know, and it’s not exactly like this is the first time I’ve thought about this, but recent expansions … Continue reading

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Warhammer’s major problem, the players.

Warhammer is plagued by some rather terrible flaws, flaws that should have been tested in beta. The flaws have nothing to do with coding errors or graphical problems, but rather center around player actions and motivation. Warhammer Online’s biggest problem … Continue reading

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MMO natural selection, and what it means to your game.

In the most recent SUWT podcast (always good stuff btw), the crew got off on a tangent when talking about the cultural differences between players of EVE Online and WoW. EVE players embrace scams, trickery, underhandedness, and generally resent any … Continue reading

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Quick Heavy Metal thoughts.

Heavy Metal, Warhammer’s second live event, when um… live yesterday. What that basically means is we have a new scenario to play, along with quick daily tasks to complete in order to gain early access to the two new tank … Continue reading

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Tales from the MMO bandwagon

MMOG Nation today has a post with some pre and post WAR launch reactions, which as expected go from unrealistic hype to ‘worst game eva’ faster than Usain Bolt. It’s entertaining to watch, but nothing new for an MMO launch. … Continue reading

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Renown progress, and no more Tor Anroc please.

As I mentioned previously, my short term goal in WAR was to hit renown rank 26 around the time I hit rank 29 in order to wear all four pieces of the Devastator armor set. It’s interesting how that one … Continue reading

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iPhone MMO, Field Runners, and a slow Friday.

Slow Friday for anyone? It’s rainy here in MA, and its 3 hours before the work week is done and the weekend begins. The lethargy is so bad I can’t even come up with a blog post today… I mean … Continue reading

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Breaking down the renown gain issue a bit more.

Sid67 has a good post breaking down my previous issue with renown ranks, and how my DoK will need to focus more on scenarios in order to catch his renown ranks up with his actual rank. When I wrote my … Continue reading

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