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AA: The true spiritual successor to UO

With the lead weight that is Trion and F2P covered yesterday, let’s start digging into WHY you should tolerate Trion and play ArcheAge anyway, because yea, you should be if you enjoy virtual worlds and smart MMO design. I always … Continue reading

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CoC: Clarification for joining

Sorry this wasn’t mentioned in the previous post, if you are joining Supreme Cream!, in your application please mention this blog so I know you aren’t some random. If I’ve rejected your app, post your in-game name here and I’ll … Continue reading

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AA: More than 6 spots left

In other “groups run by SynCaine” news, I have officially started up a guild in ArcheAge. Inquisition is live on the Ollo server! You should join us, because despite Trion’s best efforts, the game is worth playing, especially in an … Continue reading

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CoC: 6 spots left

Just a little reminder/warning for anyone on the fence about CoC, the clan has 6 spots remaining, as the cap is 50 people, so apply now/soon so you don’t get left out. Mini-war update: The last clan we just finished … Continue reading

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AA: Trion does its best to ruin a good thing

ArcheAge makes for some rather interesting blogging fodder, and hopefully I can get through the major points and get my point across in a way that makes sense, but no promises, as this might get rambly. Let’s start with the … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Killswitch 9/25/2014

Supreme Cream! Vs Killswitch Final score: 130 to 104 Supreme Cream Enemy Total Attacks Used 79 64 Total 3 Star Attacks 40 22 Total 3 Star % 50.63 34.4 3 Stars Against Same Level 28 12 3 Star % Against … Continue reading

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Bungie beats Blizzard yet again, this time in public view

If you were a Mac-based gamer back in the 90s, you were likely familiar with Bungie. While Mac gaming was overall highly inferior to PC gaming, perhaps the biggest bright spot was Bungie, who for whatever reason made Mac-only games … Continue reading

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AA: Housing the way it should be done

If you ask any well-informed MMO player what two games have/had the best housing in the genre, the answer will be UO and SWG. It’s those two titles by a landslide, with basically everyone else in a distant, forgettable pile. … Continue reading

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Derek Smart is talking, and you won’t believe what he said THIS TIME!

(About the title, it’s a joke on the beyond stupid trend of trash websites using that style of headlines to draw hits.) Just as we were all remembering the gift that is Derek Smart, out he comes once again to … Continue reading

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Why we all need AA to be successful

I should have a “specific to me” post about my ArcheAge experience when I’m around level 30 (currently 23), but today I want to talk more ‘big picture’ about the game and the genre, because I think a lot of … Continue reading

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