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You are not special.

A few days ago I made the comment that current MMO players are ‘soft’ compared to those that played UO/EQ and such. Instead of using the word ‘soft’, I think I prefer spoiled. Spoiled by todays crop of games into … Continue reading

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Keeps return to WAR.

I told myself I would not focus on games ‘coming soon’, as nothing disappoints more than getting all hyped about a game that when released is simply ‘meh’, but with that said, I am very encouraged by the latest WAR … Continue reading

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I believe in aliens.

So my four year old computer died, a deadly combination of motherboard and CPU failure. Cost-wise it made no sense to replace both pieces, as the computer was already showing its age. So instead I went ahead and ordered a … Continue reading

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And maybe still a bit harder…

More thoughts on PvP, bear with me. Gear is important in an MMO, as it not only allows our characters to grow in power, but also gives us something to work towards and look forward to. This applies whether you … Continue reading

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So try harder…

More PvP talky talk, only a bit more ranty this time! Tobold made a post today talking about Raph’s PvP post, to which I responded to back here. Yes, confusing blog interlinking at its best here folks. Tobold for some … Continue reading

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Maelstrom Podcast

Posting this a bit late, but go check out the newest Maelstrom Podcast here. I was lucky enough to jump on Skype and join in on the round table. Enjoy everyone!

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My comp is dead.

So I wake up this morning, go to turn on my 3+ year old computer, and I get ‘beep….beep….beep’. No image on the screen, fans spinning, keyboard and mouse lights go on, and the beep. The computer was on when … Continue reading

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Mythos patch quick thoughts.

With the recent Mythos patch, I decided to log in and check out the changes. I logged in with my level 14 Bloodletter and started looking around. The first very noticeable things are guild names and icons above most characters. … Continue reading

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Re-tooling raiding content; let the casuals play too.

Damion over at Zen of Design made a great post about why Blizzard continues to make raiding content. It’s a well though out article backed up by some good data about raider numbers and exactly why level 70s need content … Continue reading

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Emails, Weather, and Gnomeregan.

4 hours to delete 117,000 emails. Super cool. Oh, and it was 9 degrees this morning. Gnomeregan tonight, interested to see how it goes since the 2.3 changes. Anything major change?

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