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Someone at Funcom said something smart :hellfreeze:

It might very well all be PR BS, but I like what Tørnquist from Funcom said about The Secret World: “We’re not going to play it safe,” Tørnquist assures players. “We won’t be introducing classes or levels, elves or dwarves, … Continue reading

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GW2: Anet hard at work fixing overpopulation

Anet’s handling of the karma weapon bug they introduced is a joke. Keen has a post up about it, and in the comments you will find Anet’s stepping-back statement. First, the ban makes zero sense. So anyone who ‘used’ the … Continue reading

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GW2: Dead Centaurs

One of the nice things about being in the initial wave of WAR players was seeing all of the PQs played out more or less as intended. Only the newbie zone PQs were heavily zerged, and even then at least … Continue reading

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GW2: Scalefail

Anet is selling that once you hit 80, you can still go back to all areas of the game and enjoy the content as intended because you scale down to it. I’m not buying that. For starters you have more … Continue reading

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GW2: Entertain me once, get $60. Entertain me twice, get $15

Lack of progression is the second biggest killer of MMOs (progression you can’t be bothered with being number one), which is why I’ve always maintained that GW2 will live or die by how successful WvW is (and to a lesser … Continue reading

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GW2: Posting this from the overflow blogging server

Having re-subbed to WoW this weekend… no wait. GW2! Best game ever! Yay! Wait wait… GW2, still worth the $60, I guess. Much better. Talking about the hours after a major launch is always subjective. My first hour with GW2 … Continue reading

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The death of Guild Wars 2

Tonight Guild Wars 2: The Dream dies, to be replaced by Guild Wars 2: The Reality, and for many the best MMO ever will cease to exist. Fear not, the cycle of life in MMO land will go on, and the next … Continue reading

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EVE: Perspective

My bro just wrecked his old car. It was worth less than this internet spaceship. – bt Talking about this loss. The statement made me smile and reminded me that not everything in MMO land is F2P garbage or content … Continue reading

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GW2: Server = Jade Quarry

Inquisition will be playing on Jade Quarry, so if you have been following this blog and are considering playing with us, make that your home server. A lot of factors went into the decision, but overall we feel that server … Continue reading

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EVE: Wormhole space, and how it can be used

Having now experience wormhole (WH) space from a C1 to a C6, I’d like to talk a bit about the design behind them, and how players have adapted. Out of all MMO content, I think WH space in EVE is … Continue reading

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