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Pick a group, design for it, don’t get greedy

When I see people write that no MMO can hope to retain people beyond 3 months now, like they did back in the big 3 days, I can only shake my head, laugh, and think about my recent two years … Continue reading

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Splitting the genre in two

Let’s move past why GW2 sucks and onto a bigger topic; why so many recent MMOs suck, shall we? Chris thinks all MMOs are good for 3 months or less, and that’s just how things are today. Keen has a … Continue reading

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GW2: What he said

If Guild Wars 2 is what MMOs should have always been, then I am very thankful that every other one I’ve played has done so much wrong. – Attic Lion Via KTR. Well said sir, well said.

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GW2: Pre-80 vs post-80

How can you spot if someone has reached the level cap in GW2? Ask if they still like the game. While for some time now themeparks have been two different games, the leveling aspect and the ‘end-game’, the change in … Continue reading

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EVE: Learning curve

The above is a little old (PotBS…) but is still often used. EVE, compared to most MMOs, is indeed a tough game to get into and stick with. However in terms of tutorials and explaining the basics of a very … Continue reading

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UO turns 15

Good read from Raph about the early days of UO, which recently turned 15 years old. Which is likely older than the average age of today’s WoW players. Which is scary in many ways.

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GW2: One step forward, two steps back for the genre

Keen has a report card out for GW2, and while I think the grades are a bit high, I agree overall with his assessment. In short, GW2 is a good game, but a month in its pretty clear GW2 is … Continue reading

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GW2: End-game woes

Remember that ultra-casual MMO that just came out? Hey turns out more people queue up for the PvP in that game than the number of people who raided in WoW (by % of the population). Who could have predicted that? … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Totally fresh

Let’s assume AV does not hold any kind of beta for DF:UW. This would mean that everyone would be blind on day one of go-live in terms of locations, tactics, builds, and just general game info. The mass confusion and … Continue reading

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Darkfall Unholy War: The what and the why

It would seem the recent Darkfall: Unholy War (DF:UW) announcement has caused some confusion, so consider this my public service in attempting to clear some things up. Note that most of this is just personal speculation based on what AV … Continue reading

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