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HS: What’s the problem again?

So rumor has it tournament Hearthstone games are being decided by a coin flip. What a minute… What HS game isn’t decided by a coin flip?

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Time Warp – Fallout: New Vegas

Time Warp hits post #2, making it the most successful ‘theme’ since Friday Blog Wars (oh how I miss you FBW) here at This time let’s talk about Fallout: New Vegas. Brief random history first: I never purchased NV … Continue reading

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Finally MMO genre is free of Smed, at least for now

Back from vacation, and this reentry Monday is ROUGH. After every vacation I question whether actually going on vacation is ‘worth it’, because coming back to 500+ emails to dig through isn’t a lot of fun, especially then all 500+ … Continue reading

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Legends of Eisenwald Review

A few days back I had written about whether Early Access on Steam was working or not, and today I want to give one example where it worked perfectly. Legends of Eisenwald is a game that likely never gets made … Continue reading

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That’s not how things work lady

I’m getting more amusement than I should out of the Amazon Prime Day ‘outrage’, but Jackie Dana ‘wins the internet’ with this: This was the worst sale ever on Amazon. A bunch of crap no one wants that still sold … Continue reading

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Hearthstone: The more dice the better

I’ve posted my overall thoughts about Hearthstone in the past, but the TL:DR is that its less a card game and more of a graphical dice simulator. It looks like a M:TG clone, but the gameplay is a lot more … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl 2: Pre-order and such

You can now pre-order Blood Bowl 2, and for the PC you pick either the Wood Elves or the Lizardmen as a pre-order bonus. It looks like additional races will be DLC, which honestly is a better fit than the … Continue reading

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Early Access: Is it working?

Being in somewhat of a ‘main game’ lull, I’ve been looking over my 100+ list of Steam games of late. In particular, I’m checking back in with a some of the Early Access titles I’ve purchased in the past but … Continue reading

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Fallout: The complete history

In case you have some spare time, go ahead and read this complete list of all major events in the Fallout Universe. Pretty great stuff, and should get you nice and ready for Fallout 4.

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FFXIV: The good kind of difficult

One of the aspects that soured me on WoW post TBC (although even prior to WotLK this was already somewhat of a trend in the game, just much slower) was the decrease in challenge in the ‘normal’ game, with only … Continue reading

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