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HS: What’s the problem again?

So rumor has it tournament Hearthstone games are being decided by a coin flip. What a minute… What HS game isn’t decided by a coin flip?

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Time Warp – Fallout: New Vegas

Time Warp hits post #2, making it the most successful ‘theme’ since Friday Blog Wars (oh how I miss you FBW) here at This time let’s talk about Fallout: New Vegas. Brief random history first: I never purchased NV … Continue reading

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Finally MMO genre is free of Smed, at least for now

Back from vacation, and this reentry Monday is ROUGH. After every vacation I question whether actually going on vacation is ‘worth it’, because coming back to 500+ emails to dig through isn’t a lot of fun, especially then all 500+ … Continue reading

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Legends of Eisenwald Review

A few days back I had written about whether Early Access on Steam was working or not, and today I want to give one example where it worked perfectly. Legends of Eisenwald is a game that likely never gets made … Continue reading

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That’s not how things work lady

I’m getting more amusement than I should out of the Amazon Prime Day ‘outrage’, but Jackie Dana ‘wins the internet’ with this: This was the worst sale ever on Amazon. A bunch of crap no one wants that still sold … Continue reading

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Hearthstone: The more dice the better

I’ve posted my overall thoughts about Hearthstone in the past, but the TL:DR is that its less a card game and more of a graphical dice simulator. It looks like a M:TG clone, but the gameplay is a lot more … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl 2: Pre-order and such

You can now pre-order Blood Bowl 2, and for the PC you pick either the Wood Elves or the Lizardmen as a pre-order bonus. It looks like additional races will be DLC, which honestly is a better fit than the … Continue reading

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