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Trigger warning for Gevlon

How many posts (you can estimate by the dozens) would Gevlon sperg out about this CCP tweet if he hadn’t ‘quit’ EVE and was off playing League of Legends with the one-armed children down in Silver V?

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EVE: Rat droppings and bling

Ratting in Delve has left me with plenty of ISK to play with, and I’m still missing about 60 days worth of training to properly fly a carrier. So I’ve instead invested 1.3b ISK into an Incursion ship, and joined … Continue reading

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Clash Royale: We fixed tourneys by getting you not to play tourneys!

With the most recent update to Clash Royale, SuperCell ‘fixed’ Tournaments by… basically replacing them with the arena system from Hearthstone (as all things Blizzard, I’m sure HS wasn’t the first game to introduce such a system, but you know … Continue reading

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EVE: It’s fine, just keep jumping

Dumb happened Sunday night, to the tune of about 120m ISK. That pilot is my alt, who I just got into KarmaFleet to, among other things, fly a Noctis after my main pilot and salvage all of the dead rats. … Continue reading

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EVE: Collecting purity

EVE’s latest event, Purity of the Throne, is up and running. It’s also the first event I’ve taken part in that I can remember. The main (only?) reward are the new skins for Amarr ships, which at least stand out … Continue reading

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EVE: Farming Blood Raiders, big and bigger versions

My ratting adventures against the Blood Raiders continue. I’m loving the Rattlesnake, as it handles everything including Sanctums just fine (25m or so per tick with those), and with the passive shield tank, it’s very minimal in terms of clicks, … Continue reading

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EVE: Gevlon is still losing at EVE even when he is pretending to no longer play

Can’t start a corp that lasts longer than a minute, can’t try impacting null without Lenny blowing him out of the water, can’t successfully tinfoil for longer than an hour, and can’t quit EVE despite saying he isn’t going to … Continue reading

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EVE: Living it up in Delve

Life for me in EVE continues on. Goons have now taken almost all of Delve, and KarmaFleet has made 7G-QIG our home. For the first time since joining goons I’m doing more KF-based stuff than alliance stuff, and it feels … Continue reading

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EVE: I don’t think he is the only one

From a comment at Polygon about EVE have an unlimited trial (or if you are bad/lazy, going F2P): I’ll probably give this another shot once the f2p launches. I have tried in the past but was overwhelmed by the multihours … Continue reading

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