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Need an ArcheAge beta key

If you have a spare, send one over to the email in the top-right corner. Thanks.

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You pulled: “Go directly to F2P, do not go sub, do not collect $15”

I’m guessing someone has made this point already, but I haven’t seen it so here you go: The recent trend of paying for the beta and/or alpha of an upcoming F2P MMO is just a re-branding of an MMO launching … Continue reading

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ArcheAge: The next big… something

Thoughts on ArcheAge as my “desperate for anything half-decent at this point” eyes glance over at it and its upcoming release: I still don’t get what a ‘sandpark’ is, in terms of what you are trying to accomplish. I mean … Continue reading

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CoC: Growing our social mix

Growing up I always hated movie tie-in videogames. I think part of the hatred was fueled by what magazines like EGM were writing at the time, because the guys working had to actually play those games to review them, and … Continue reading

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DOA: EQ Landmark

66% off already on Steam huh SOE? Whelp, at least you have EQN coming… soon?

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Missing Jester already

Out of all the interesting stuff Jester wrote about, I think my favorite were his takes on happenings at CCP and what they likely meant for the game. Now granted, I haven’t looked into how accurate those predictions ended up … Continue reading

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Dear Trion

I can’t ‘reserve’ a beta spot for ArcheAge. I can buy a spot. There is a difference, and pretending there isn’t doesn’t make your emails more appealing.

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