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Today’s Kool-Aid flavor is grape. Grape and failure

A lot of funny stuff is happening in this post over at TAGN, please go check it out. My only major complaint is that Wilhelm was light on the actual insults. I’m going to try and correct that here. I … Continue reading

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DF:UW – At 95k prowess and counting

Alright, long overdue personal progress update on DF:UW time. Currently my character is at 95k prowess, with 10k of that being spent on Armorsmith mastery. The rest is in stats (100str, 95dex, 95wis), general skills (100 in transfers, heal self, … Continue reading

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Skyrim vs DF:UW combat

Playing Skyrim on the side again (new mods ftw), first time since Darkfall has been release, and yikes is the combat in Skyrim slow and disconnected compared to DF:UW. I also can’t hit a damn thing with a bow because … Continue reading

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The cure for F2P disease is quality

In the comments section from yesterday’s post, Rohirrim raised the issue that with so many failed MMOs being demoted to the F2P minor leagues, gamers today might be weary of jumping on a new game that is sub-based for fear … Continue reading

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Shocking news; F2P is dead

Well that didn’t last long, huh? Wish someone had called F2P a fad, that would have been pretty insightful of them. Am I happy that the F2P plague is dying? Of course. Will F2P still exist in some capacity? Yes. … Continue reading

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WildStar – I can’t say it sucks, yet

TAGN beat me to posting about the WildStar PLEX plan. /agree It works in EVE because EVE has a balanced economy. WildStar being a themepark, it won’t (feel free to bookmark this and come back 6 months into release and … Continue reading

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Kickstarter – TMI?

It’s been a few months now since I helped fund a few Kickstarter projects, and I’m happy to say all of them appear to be progressing nicely. That said, I’m rarely interested in the content of their weekly email updates. … Continue reading

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Why is there not more XCOM DLC?

Back when it was released, I assumed we would be getting tons of XCOM Enemy Unknown DLC as the months went on. More missions, more weapons, more maps, etc. We got a few piddly additions (3 mission arc, really?), and … Continue reading

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EQN – Player freedom is too scary for most

The most interesting topic around right now is how a living ecosystem or smart AI could actually work in an MMO. Now, before you go ahead and comment “but SynCaine, you already told us how it would work in 2011”, … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Same place, different crew

Let’s get back to talking about a sandbox, shall we? I recently left OTG to join up with Proxy. It was a tough decision as I liked playing with OTG and the clan is doing very well in DF:UW. I … Continue reading

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