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Dear Trion: Entry #1

Dear Trion:, Add a ‘quest item’ hotbar button to the default UI. Anytime I have an item that I need to use during a quest, it goes into that slot. Nothing else can be placed there. The slot should be … Continue reading

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Sightless! Play your Blood Bowl game

Yes, it has come to this, using the blog to get at people. Don’t push me internet! Here is the forum thread man, make sure to sign up and post as we get a ton of spam accounts and we … Continue reading

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Crafting sucks

I think I spend a good hour or more last night getting the water entrance to my new structure in Minecraft ‘just right’. That activity involved placing and deleting dirt squares repeatedly. Finally it’s now a waterfall that only has … Continue reading

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Non-factors raging again? Good thing we can easily replace them!

I don’t always agree with Tobold, as we generally approach MMO games from two very different viewpoints, along with having different writing styles, but I’m in total agreement with the basis for this post and the ones before it, and … Continue reading

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Quick notes from Rift beta 5

Aria and I put in some time with the Rift 5 beta last night and enjoyed ourselves. The Guardian starting area is IMO much better than that of the Defiant in terms of feeling MMO-ish rather than super on-rails. After … Continue reading

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The Sims: Medieval

Am I the only one who thinks The Sims: Medieval looks interesting? Yea, just me? Alright, that’s cool. Just me in my carebear kingdom then. EG Review: The animations look good, much like the animations in The Sims 3 were … Continue reading

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Someone apply already!

We need one more team for our Blood Bowl league. Pick a race that has not already been accepted. Name: Inquisition Hardcore Casual Pro Circuit PW: INQ (all caps)

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Smartest guy in the room

For a while now I’ve wondered why we don’t have a computer game version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle or Warhammer 40k. I don’t mean the ‘spin-off’ style games; I mean a direct port of the rules and miniatures, all playable … Continue reading

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MMO bloggers obligatory Minecraft post

Because my gaming time is so wide open (sarcasm), I picked up Minecraft to play with my two favorite carebears, Remastered and Allerion. As many know or have read, Minecraft is in many ways the ultimate sandbox world, as you … Continue reading

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After 1000+ posts, little has changed

A thousand posts over close to four years is a lot of writing, it’s a lot of opinions, and it’s the publicly viewable history of one gamer. In four years of anything, things are bound to change. Hell, since starting … Continue reading

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