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Massive Chalice

:Throws money at screen:

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DF:UW – TheMercs crush VAMP

Good video here from TheMercs showing solid group tactics and how to string out a much larger force. Also love that voice comms are included in the video, as it gives a much better view into how such a group … Continue reading

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DF:UW – In the halls of old Aradoth

Darkfall: Unholy Wars takes place (I believe) 200 years after the events of Darkfall. Aventurine hasn’t done a lot with the lore, but in-game some areas reflect this more than others. The location of today’s story, the city of Aradoth, … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Scroaching

Last night there were multiple large sieges not involving OTG, and since our clan had no formal plans to attend, I made my way down to the area to do some good old scroaching. For non-Darkfall players, scroaching is basically … Continue reading

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Xbox One supercut

This had me laughing pretty hard.  

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DF:UW – Newbie perspective

My guess is most of you did not catch MJ from Massively live streaming a little over an hour of her DF:UW experience a few days ago. It’s not exactly appointment viewing given the length, but it’s actually rather interesting … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Sieging Alden Enak

Last night OTG had a siege against The Empire for their hamlet of Alden Enak (AE), located just south of our city of Kvit. The nice thing about this siege was that the numbers, gear, and player skill were about … Continue reading

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