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How I would do crafting.

As the topic of Warhammer Online’s crafting system was briefly mentioned here recently, I figured this was as good a time as any to throw out my somewhat fleshed out idea for a crafting system, and see what flaws or … Continue reading

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WAR crafting prediction, and Civ4 multiplayer.

Warhammer released a bit of info about their crafting system. It sounds like all other crafting systems from un-released games: awesome, new and useful. Odds are good that come release it will be like all other crafting systems: boring, old, … Continue reading

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Quest pacing, and why killing boars is cool.

Being part of the blog community, and spending a decent (read: too much) amount of time reading other blogs, you pick up on trends and common rants. Having been around the MMO block since UO, I’ve also seen my fair … Continue reading

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Finally, Syncaine has come BACK to blogging!

Ah finally back. After so many days off, the ‘blogging itch’ has certainly hit me hard, especially with MMO land finally seeing some activity with the AoC release. I’m still not sold on the idea that AoC will become a … Continue reading

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Out for a few, and a quick AoC update.

I’ll be out of the country for a few days, which means no blog posts for a bit. In other news (is me not posting news…?) it sounds like AoC is improving rapidly, which is good to hear. As an … Continue reading

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Funcom to AoC players, GTFO!

I’ve been fairly harsh on Funcom and Age of Conan here on this blog. I ripped them for the whole ‘open’ beta fiasco, then for releasing a crash prone client due to a last minute ‘fix’, and finally the entire … Continue reading

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Greater Barrows owns us, hard.

Last night Aria and I made our first trip into the Greater Barrows instance in LoTRO. Our group featured all kin members save for the tank. Here is our fellowship: Level 25 and 21 burglars Level 20 guardian (the pug) … Continue reading

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