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How I paid for my vacation

I knew buying Zynga was a brilliant move! At some point, one of these ‘expert analysts’ is going to mention that, perhaps, in order to make money in the gaming sector, you might want to try making a good game, … Continue reading

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Vacation time

I’m off on no-Internet vacation until August 6th, so this blog will be quiet until then. When I get back I’ll be sure to talk a little about SW:TOR shutting down (that’s still scheduled for next week, right?), as well … Continue reading

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EVE: Flying in the Alliance Tournament

Jester has a bunch of excellent Alliance Tourney posts up, but I like this one the most (so far). It’s a great look behind the scenes of one of the more unique experiences you can have in the MMO genre. … Continue reading

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I ruined SW:TOR I guess

How is it that this is the first time I’m seeing SW:TOR being referred to as “Tortanic”? That’s brilliant and I wish I had thought of it. Also I guess I’ll take the blame for SW:TOR here, as back in … Continue reading

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Mainstream dilution, core gamer evolution

I’m glad people enjoyed the article I linked to yesterday, and I wish I had seen it earlier as I really believe it does an excellent job breaking down how certain companies approach creating ‘games’ and also who is actually … Continue reading

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Best thing written about gaming (ever?)

This is required reading. If you don’t read this start to finish right meow you will be forced to turn in your “gamer” card. My thoughts on all of it are coming ‘soon’. H/T to Shiolle for the link.

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It’s not contagious, is it?

Grade-A trolling folks. Just next level blogging at its finest. If we could get more of this kind of content and less D&D, Tobold might be worth reading again. After reading Tobold, go re-read EA Louse. It was great the … Continue reading

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Dynamic layers

This blog would be a lot more interesting if I could write about our current plans and immediate impacts of our current situation in EVE, but EVE being what it is, I can’t. Hopefully the delayed drip won’t result in … Continue reading

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EVE: Red Dawn, Red Midday, Red G’night

One of the ‘secret’ Ops that I’ve alluded to here before has finally come to fruition, and I can now finally blog about it. As most WH Corps/Alliances do, HAHA has been sending pilots out to scout other holes and … Continue reading

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Good start to a Monday

I should (assuming I can finish it) have a good long post about EVE that actually involves EVE happenings (and dead capital ships), but until then, I highly recommend everyone go read this Reddit thread. Might be the most entertaining … Continue reading

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