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EVE: World domination, one BPO at a time

Over the weekend I picked up an Antimatter L blueprint original (BPO) that has 30 material efficiency and 20 production efficiency for 10 million ISK. The plan is to not only make my own ammo for my Rohk, but to … Continue reading

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EVE retro server

You know what an EVE retro server would look like? It would look like the game today, minus seven years of layers added to it. Sounds awesome right? Yea not so much. I point this out in jest because it … Continue reading

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More wipes please!

I’m pretty sure our guild back in 2005/6 wiped more than 400 times in AQ40. Had BC not been announced, I know damn well we would have wiped a lot more in Nax40. We wiped on Onyxia, we wiped in … Continue reading

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Time to be a coward

What happens when you trip over yourself one too many times? Get the ban stick out! It’s funny that Tobold denies deleting my comment in that thread, yet despite seeing the follow-up comment I made here (not deleted yet), he … Continue reading

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Picking up what the Panda-man is selling

First let me explain to anyone who did not play Warcraft 3, or has simply forgotten, where exactly the Pandarian character made an appearance: in bonus/side/secret missions. Missions that were not part of the lore for that game. The space … Continue reading

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Fake life online

I want to talk about the difference between PvP players who want to win, versus people online who are trolls or whatever meme is current this week to call idiots out as idiots, because I think people sometimes lump the … Continue reading

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EVE: Picking up right where I left off

Returning to EVE has reminded me of some of the basic design differences between the game and most others in its genre. I think these points are taken for granted by EVE players, and are somewhat unknown aspects to non-EVE … Continue reading

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Mists of Pandaria is a great name

On Friday I mentioned that it will be interesting to see how Blizzard and CCP differ in the next year when it comes to their flagship titles, but over the weekend, playing some EVE while thinking about Blizzard (I did … Continue reading

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Just saving this for later

It is only by ignoring the looks of WoW and concentrating on a very minor part of the game that people can keep up the illusion that World of Warcraft ever was meant to be a “serious” game. – Tobold

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EVE: The panda made me do it

Back online. Anyone in a solid Corp (PvP/PvE mix) with a spot for one more? Pilot name: SynCaine

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