Mighty Party tips

The basic event loop of Might Party is as follows: Special Event starts on a Friday, and runs for 5 days. The next weekend, the fable “High Growth” (HG) runs, which gives you gems for leveling up heroes. The next Friday another event starts, and so on. You want to save all hero level ups for HG, collect the gems, and then use the gems during the special event to hopefully get into chapter 3. 

Events are your best source of getting large amounts of legendary heroes, as well as unlocking new heroes for newer players, so doing well in them is the primary focus. For newer players, events are difficulty to reach chapter 3 as you will be missing many of the heroes, which means you won’t be able to quickly pass the steps that require either hero levels or soulbinds. This is ok, and you can’t do much about it until you play longer. That said spending gems helps, and using gems during events is usually very worthwhile, especially if you calculate that spending will get you into chapter 3. Getting into chapter 3 is huge because the amount of heroes you get out of event chests goes way up in chapter 3. This is especially true for the bonus chest spins, which you want to save until you hit chap 3 or the event is about to end. Finally, for newer players, make sure you at least unlock all of the epics for the event, even if that means spending sparks on epic chests during the “spend 15k sparks” step. 

Some event prep tips: Don’t run Dark Tower on the Wednesday and Thursday before the event; save it for during the event, as chapter 2 has a step for that. Also save up Pit bosses, there is a step to kill 2 of those. Save up normal and Mighty Pass chests to open during the event, both for steps that require getting a certain amount of heroes and because this will get you more sparks and more chances to find the event heroes at 2x gains. During an event the bosses refresh at the same time as Journey bosses; you want to be killing event bosses as many times as you can for the sparks. 

After an event, the next weekend will be High Growth. This is where saving up all your hero level ups becomes worthwhile, as you can earn thousands of gems. A few tips: if you have a pet, during HG is the best time to start a “Hunt”, as many of the steps require leveling heroes. Leveling heroes gets you a lot of XP, and each time you rank up, your journey attempts refresh. Make sure you are using all those attempts before ranking up again. If your journey is fully cleared, wait for it to reset before doing more leveling, you should have plenty of time as HG runs for a few days. Make sure you are running the guild boost for discounted level ups, it will save you a ton of gold. Once you complete a level of HG, reassess if you can hit the next tier. If you can’t, stop leveling up, there is nothing worse than running out of levels 3/4th of the way to a HG tier. 

Additional random tips: Don’t reborn a hero unless there is a fable running for that rebirth, and you can get that hero back up to high levels for events. Don’t soulbind heroes you aren’t using in your lineup until a fable to spend soul dust is running, or you need the soulbinds for an event. Feel free to do the free soulbind for commons, there is no drawback. The Pit is your best source of consistent legendary chests, but it scales to your highest league reached; you don’t want to go into higher leagues until you can safely beat the 5th Pit boss weekly. You DO want to reach league 14 to unlock the pit ASAP however, even if the final push to get into 14 requires you to boost your heroes and use some guild boosts. Even if you drop back out of 14, the Pit will stay unlocked. General Pit strategy is to use your commons first, then your rares, and finally your epics and legends on the harder bosses. If you run out of heroes you can’t do more Pit attempts, so on the earlier bosses sometimes it’s best to ‘skip’ a turn if you have enough on the field to kill them. Finally, outside of events, the best use for gems is to buy the Pirate skin, as its very strong early/mid game. After that you will want the Ogre, who is strongest late game, and then the rest of the skins as they are required for a step in events in Chapter 3. 

Join our discord for additional questions and to join our guild. 

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Quick gaming update

Lockdown life continues, ever so slowly.

On the gaming front I’m still playing a good amount of Mighty Party, as the Steam version is the perfect game to have running while you work from home, as it needs very little real attention, but things need clicking ever so often. Of course when I do have 5 minutes or so, I can always manually play a battle, which continues to be enjoyable.

I’m also still playing Bannerlord, which sees frequent patches that continue to improve it. It’s still Mount and Blade, so it’s still awesome, but already my mind wanders to the inevitable mods that will take a great game and make it truly special.

Finally after messing around with multiplayer Northgard for a bit, my buddy and I are testing out Ancestors Legacy. In short it plays like medieval Company of Heroes, which is a huge compliment. Sadly the online scene is pretty dead, and finding a game takes some time. I think perhaps bad marketing is to blame here, as the game itself is solid, so should have a larger playerbase.

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord – Some additional thoughts on the game

Some more quick thoughts about Bannerlord:

I’ve been in a number of large (500v500) battles now, and can safely say they are far better than in Warband. The AI is smarter, the battlefields more varied, and the performance is already great. I’m sure all of this will continue to improve during Early Access, but even now these battles are awesome.

On a similar note, sieges are also much improved, in many of the same ways. The AI here does need some work (soldiers run past enemies to get to the location they want to reach), but again compared to Warband they are far more fun. One interesting note is that defending a castle isn’t a huge boost in strength; you can beat a slightly stronger army, but its not close to as difficult to take a castle as it was in Warband. I’d like to see defense boosted just a bit, especially making breaching the walls take a little longer. Right now ladders go up really quick, and then its just a melee on the walls.

Itemization is ok, but feels a little too easy to reach the best gear too quickly. You also progress from junk gear to the highest tier stuff too fast, with little room or reason to use the mid-tier items. That said, the feel of different weapons is very noticeable, and becoming a master with one item doesn’t instantly make you a master overall at combat, which I really like.

Finally, the game has had a patch fixing issues daily, which has been great. I have not had a technical issue after the first day, and none of the smaller issues have been enough to impact my enjoyment of the game.

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord – Early Access impressions

The below is based on roughly 12 hours of Bannerlord Early Access, much of it prior to the patch yesterday. In short, Bannerlord is a sequel to Warband; better graphics, newer engine, larger scope, but ultimately the same core game. If you liked Warband, I suspect you will like Bannerlord. If you hated Warband, first wtf is wrong with you? But second you likely still won’t love Bannerlord.

I mentioned the patch yesterday, because prior to that the game was crashing for me a good bit, which was getting very annoying. In a similar vein, Bannerlord is very much an Early Access title. The core stuff like combat, the overworld, and the overall ‘point’ of kingdoms fighting is there, but a lot of smaller stuff is either incomplete or not balanced.

I do love the graphics. The overworld is beautiful, and the character models are good-enough, which is important because this is a game where you can have 500+ characters, so if each one had a million polygons, performance would be terrible. And right now performance is solid; I’m getting 70 FPS or so with the graphics on high, and I’m guessing this will only improve as EA continues.

 One early highlight so far: I joined an existing army (collection of lords) and as part of that army we went around sacking enemy villages. As you aren’t the commander, you follow around the leader, so it was fun sitting back and watching them pick targets and sharing in the spoils, all while beating down the helpless villagers. The whole things was rather profitable, and culminated in my first large (200v200) battle, which looked and played great.

If you are dying for more Mount and Blade, get Bannerlord now, what is there is more than worth the cost of entry. If you can wait and don’t want to deal with a true Early Access title, maybe do that. Bannerlord is planned for a whole year of EA, just to give an idea of where the dev team things they are and where they want to end up.

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is finally here!

Exactly ten years after the release of Warband, the Bannerlord Early Access starts today. Expect some posts about it assuming I can stop playing it long enough to write something.

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Quick little update

While the rest of the world is stuck at home, I’m stuck at home and swamped with work due to Covid-19. It could be worse, of course, but it could be better too.

Anyway on the gaming front, I’m loving the recent Rimworld expansion, Royalty. The key problem with games like Rimworld is once you master them, playing again becomes too routine. The best thing about Royalty is how much it mixed things up via its quests and the needs or royals. It’s a great addition on top of the excellent base game.

On the mobile front I’m still very much into Mighty Party, as I still find the combat system really fun and there are lots of different varieties to it. The guild is doing really well too, with a solid active core that has so far performed well during Turf Wars. We have a couple of open spots, so if you are interested message me in-game under ID IXBZHG.

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How to enforce everyone staying isolated for a few months in just one easy step

Release Mount and Blade: Bannerlord early you cowards! 12 more days? 12! That’s just not responsible in a time when people need reasons to stay away from others.

PS: Covid-19 is serious and you should stay home and avoid contact with people. Stay safe everyone!

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