Trigger warning for Gevlon

How many posts (you can estimate by the dozens) would Gevlon sperg out about this CCP tweet if he hadn’t ‘quit’ EVE and was off playing League of Legends with the one-armed children down in Silver V?

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EVE: Rat droppings and bling

Ratting in Delve has left me with plenty of ISK to play with, and I’m still missing about 60 days worth of training to properly fly a carrier. So I’ve instead invested 1.3b ISK into an Incursion ship, and joined that SIG in the Imperium. With the ship (a Barghest) purchased in Jita and shipped out to Delve, its now a matter of waiting for an Incursion to come around to our local neighborhood.

Speaking of ratting going well, a recent Dark Blood spawn dropped a nice little 400m implant for me a few days ago. That, along with getting back to back 10/10 escalations, really pushed my wallet up. And overall Goons are killing it in terms of PvE performance, as Delve is now the number 1 spot for NPC deaths. Guess lots of people missed ratting after The Casino War (and also tells you all you need to know about how important the balance of PvP and PvE is, even an a ‘PvP’ MMO like EVE).

PvP-wise I’ve been in a few fleets recently, mostly just neighborhood cleanup stuff, along with a few trips via wormholes. I think things will pick up with NC/PL going to war with CO2/Test, though only if CO2/Test are dumb enough to continue throwing ships into the meatgrinder. I’m also hopeful we show up to their important fights, and put that whole “MBC will stop and shoot goons” theory to the test. Something tells me that might not be the case.

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Clash Royale: We fixed tourneys by getting you not to play tourneys!

With the most recent update to Clash Royale, SuperCell ‘fixed’ Tournaments by… basically replacing them with the arena system from Hearthstone (as all things Blizzard, I’m sure HS wasn’t the first game to introduce such a system, but you know what I mean).

On the one hand, the arena system is fine. Lose 3 you are out, top prize is after 12 wins, tourney rules, etc etc. Its a good addition to the game, especially because the costs to enter are 10 gems (basically nothing) and 100 gems. Sure the rewards aren’t great, but if you are looking to play some extra games of CR, this isn’t a bad option.

What is unfortunate is that they didn’t fix tournaments. There was a ton of hoopla around emotes (you can now mute people), and how for so long SC kept them on to ‘evoke strong emotions’, yet tourneys did just that. You saw the names of the people you were against, you knew their position, and you knew when you were in an important match against someone up high. All of that, IMO, was very important, and made tourneys feel different from grinding out chest crowns.

The other big addition were cash shop changes, with the game now more directly selling you epics and legendaries via new chests. Its an example of what F2P forces developers to do when the money starts slowing down, as it was for CR. It’s not a ‘game is dead’ addition, in fact its perfectly fine IMO, but its not one that happens if CR was able to continue making money as steadily as CoC or BB. Problem is I just don’t see CR having that kind of shelf life or sustainability, so changes to get people back and paying will happen.

For me right now CR is my 3rd game, behind Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Its fun to play a game or two, but more than that it feels like too much of a grind a lot of days, which is a bad sign considering CR is the newest game of the three, by more than a full year.

Recruitment reminder: We have a couple spots in both Boom Beach and Clash of Clans (search for “Supreme Cream!”), so if you are interested in joining our merry band of misfits, apply and mention the blog. New players welcome, we will train you up!

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EVE: It’s fine, just keep jumping

Dumb happened Sunday night, to the tune of about 120m ISK.

That pilot is my alt, who I just got into KarmaFleet to, among other things, fly a Noctis after my main pilot and salvage all of the dead rats. I used the in-house shipping service to get a Noctis and other things to KF’s main citadel, but for terribly dumb reasons (didn’t want to scrap the rigs, all 2m ISK worth of them…) I decided I’d fly the Prorator down myself. It can cloak, what could possibly go wrong?

The dumb does not stop there though. As I was making my way through null sec, I landed in a drag bubble that had a can right near it, breaking my cloak. There was only one enemy ship at the bubble, so I was able to get away. However now the locals knew I was around, and that should have been reason enough to log off in a safe spot until a later time. Any time, really, other than the peak of primetimes, Sunday night EST.

But no, against all reasonable judgment, I jumped into the next system anyway. On that gate there was another bubble, but again thanks to the cloak, I was able to quickly disappear and the enemy didn’t get close enough until I had warped away. The next jump was my last, as the enemy now had a whole bunch of ships ready, a whole lot of bubbles, and I was done for.

Not my finest moment. On the plus side the salvage has already added up to more than the 120m loss, and while running sites I got not one but two 10/10 escalations, so maybe sacrificing the ship on the alter of dumb wasn’t all that bad, right? Yea, lets go with that…

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EVE: Collecting purity

EVE’s latest event, Purity of the Throne, is up and running. It’s also the first event I’ve taken part in that I can remember. The main (only?) reward are the new skins for Amarr ships, which at least stand out in that they are all white. Collecting them is easy, as each site you clear drops one, and the sites can easily be done in anything greater than a well-fit frigate. I’m using a shitfit Astero, which is massive overkill but makes the sites and travel very quick and easy. So far I’ve clear a dozen or so of the sites, and plan to ship all of my extra skins off to Jita at a later date.

What I like about the event, and events like this in general, is how they introduce new fluff to the game. The event is the reason the new fluff exists, and just by playing, you get the stuff. At a later date, the fluff is moved to the in-game store, where those coming in late or those who skipped the event can ‘catch up’ by spending some extra money. It works for me because my sub cost is justified by new content being ‘free’ in-game. It works for the devs because they are not only creating content for subscribers, but also filling up the cash shop without going directly to that end-point.

FFXIV does this better than most MMOs IMO, because the events are frequent yet easy, meaning the cash shop is always getting updated without players feeling the devs are focusing on the wrong thing in a sub MMO. CCP really should do more of this, rather than direct-to-shop skins and other fluff. The events can’t be hard to organize, there is plenty of lore to further in EVE, and so many ships could benefit from more skins.

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EVE: Farming Blood Raiders, big and bigger versions

My ratting adventures against the Blood Raiders continue. I’m loving the Rattlesnake, as it handles everything including Sanctums just fine (25m or so per tick with those), and with the passive shield tank, it’s very minimal in terms of clicks, so I’m ratting while surfing the net or watching a stream. Yet another bonus of having a monitor that support 3440×1440; plenty of pixels for lots of windows. Additionally I just love the look of the Rattlesnake itself, always have.

I also got and sold my first 10/10 escalation, which netted me 80m. Not a bad return for creating a contract with a bookmark in it and having Lucky Runners do the work, but considering the 60/40 split Runners take, and you only get paid for the drops, not the bounties, I’m now extremely temped to attempt the site myself and horde all 200-300m for myself. The big problem is I’d need to use a Rattlesnake (I don’t have the skills to fly the Vargur), but with a different fit from my passive tanked one. That’s another 2b or so, and I really don’t want to learn (and very likely fail) in a 2b ship. The 10/10 site is deadly in the third room, but it also looks like a lot of fun. A project for another time.

One cool event I was part of was killing a Blood Raider dread spawn, the first I’ve seen. The bounty on that was 60m, and the wreck was worth another 30m. I didn’t solo it, but it only took a minute to have two carrier pilots come on over and help out. KarmaFleet is cool like that, and so far I have experienced zero ratting drama in terms of sharing sites or loot.

I did resub my second account. He will fly along my main in a Noctis to salvage, and he also has maxed PI skills, so I’ll set those up as well. The big bonus with that account is he had over 10b worth of ISK and ships scattered about in high-sec. This means I can now easily afford a carrier, but with the Rattlesnake being as effective as it is, I might hold off on that purchase for now. That ISK does put me within striking distance of a Super Carrier, though I’d need to train a few skills to do that, and my main has 50 days of training I’d really like to finish up first. Plus until Goons have a Keepstar we can all use, a space coffin isn’t what I need right now.



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EVE: Gevlon is still losing at EVE even when he is pretending to no longer play

Can’t start a corp that lasts longer than a minute, can’t try impacting null without Lenny blowing him out of the water, can’t successfully tinfoil for longer than an hour, and can’t quit EVE despite saying he isn’t going to play/talk about it anymore. Gevlon everyone, the EVE content pack that keeps on giving.

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