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GW2: The new F2P champion has arived

I feel like I should post about GW2 going F2P, only I can’t call it a ‘downgrade to the minor leagues’ because the game wasn’t a sub MMO to begin with. Side-grade I guess? Which, thinking more about it, is … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football – Need one more team!

Our Fantasy Football league (NFL, not the kickball and pretend your injured activity) needs one more team. Post a comment here with your email (email can be in your profile, not in the comment Guess WP changed that, leave email … Continue reading

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CoC – Activity tracker link

Here is the link to our activity tracker that Delpez put together. Bookmark it! I’ll be using this to remove inactives to free up spots for others, and to keep the clan as active as possible for wars. Also, our … Continue reading

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ARK is free this weekend, come see why its awesome

As the title states, ARK is free to play this weekend via Steam. It’s a very fun game to play with a solid group, so if you have been on the fence, or are worried about buying an Early Access … Continue reading

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ARK – A micro-MMO

My obsession with ARK continues, and it has now bled into the MMO-thinking part of my brain. To be very clear, ARK isn’t an MMO, but in a lot of ways it certainly plays like one. The big thing is … Continue reading

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It’s in the books, FFXIV is the largest sub MMO out today

The troll job from SquareEnix using ‘registered accounts’ for subs continues, this time to announce that the game has crossed the 5m sub mark. As WoW has likely continued to bleed subs since the 5.4m announcement, I think its rather … Continue reading

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Trion being Trion: Trove edition

Trion’s statement: One million monthly users. Scott’s clarification: It’s anyone who has ever created a free account since launch. Trion launched July 9th. So Trion it hurts.

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