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Urge to play… fading

I’ve stated all along that one of my favorite aspects of playing an MMO is the continual progression, both from an individual perspective and for the game overall. I like knowing that as I play, I continue to get stronger … Continue reading

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Big DarkFall update, Aventurine-style of course

It’s not often (ever?) that Aventurine gives it’s fans a preview of what’s ahead for everyone’s favorite and 100% perfect MMO, Darkfall, yet we got just that yesterday from Tasos. Or at least, we got a long post with a … Continue reading

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DarkFall: US server population (non)issue

With the all-but-confirmed US-1 (or NA-1) server being geared up for release, many in the DarkFall (and ForumFall) community are wondering if the player base can support two separate servers, using the current in-game population as a barometer. The all … Continue reading

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DarkFall: NA-1 and quick in-game update.

Rumor has it the DarkFall NA-1 server is coming in June. Consider the release history for DarkFall overall, would anyone be surprised if it’s a bit late? Granted setting up hardware and launching an MMO are two very different things, … Continue reading

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DarkFall: 3 month review

Edit: My newer, one year review of DarkFall can be found here. DarkFall has been out just shy of three months now, and for me it’s been the most interesting three months of any MMO since UO, for a variety … Continue reading

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DarkFall: New home, new friends

Having worked out a deal with TheMercs alliance, we now have access to the city they took from Mortis Consortium. Most of our members are bound at the old NPC city TheMercs worked out of, which is just a short … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Still looking for a new home

It would seem that Inquisition is cursed when it comes to sieging. Every time we set something up, bad luck seems to follow. This really only happens when it’s our guild/alliance launching the siege, as anytime we attend someone else’s … Continue reading

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SOE one-ups Turbine on awesome achievements

While this is indeed impressive, ‘selling’ a free product to so many people so quickly, we all know the REAL measure of success is how many characters have been created, right Turbine? (Yes yes, FR will likely make SOE good … Continue reading

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500th Post Milestone

Grats self on 500 posts. I would like to thank all the mouth breathing, helmet wearing, shortbus riding WoW players for making it all possible. Without your constant cries for the bar to be lowered, your lemming-like acceptance of dailies … Continue reading

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Darkfall 5/15 patch thoughts.

Oh nooz, one step towards Trammel! Patch day for Darkfall, and with it some (on paper) interesting balance tweaks, gameplay changes, and more quests revolving around the zero lore that is Darkfall… The biggest change, without doubt, is the increased … Continue reading

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