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FFXIV: Should I be worried about the expansion?

Quick concern here; currently I’m lvl 35 in FFXIV, and odds aren’t great that I’ll have time to hit 50 and do most of the end-game stuff in the game before the expansion hits. From those who are 50 and … Continue reading

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More Steam mod talk, including Gabe comments

And the “Steam selling mods” debate rages on. Good times, around what is honestly a great topic and, IMO, a major shift in gaming overall. And just to be very clear, I am 100% for this shift, as I think … Continue reading

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CoC: TH8.5 strategy writeup

(Written by Delpez) TH8.5 Since we have a number of players on the brink of TH9, I thought I’ll share my experiences as a new TH9, especially the upgrade system known as 8.5. A while ago we ran into a … Continue reading

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Steam: Paying for content? GTFO!

Valve today announced that Steam now supports mod creators selling mods via the workshop. My guess is the initial reaction of most will be “this sucks!”, but relax, this is going to be a good thing. Allow me to explain. … Continue reading

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Beep beep beep

Just because you SOE yourself initially, doesn’t mean you have to stick with that mistake forever (unless you’re Trion, then you just take being SOE to 11). So um… grats to ESO for undoing one stupid F2P step, and already … Continue reading

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GW doesn’t want my money after all

Great, a Total War game without mod support, yay! I was actually going to write today about how I fear for my wallet with TW: Warhammer, because if there was ever an IP to milk DLC, it’s freaking Warhammer. $10-$15 … Continue reading

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Fine fine, take my money

So it’s not Mount and Blade: Warhammer, and certainly not “tabletop on your PC” Warhammer, but sure, I’ll give you money for Total War: Warhammer, I guess…

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