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FFXIV: The view from level 50 as it stands today

Having returned to FFXIV for a few weeks now, the experience has been surprisingly great. I’m level 51 on my main class (Paladin), and I’m currently working through the main quest content that was added in patches after launch. The … Continue reading

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Recent gaming update

Little bit of “what I’m playing” time. I wrapped up XCOM 2, but don’t have a whole lot else to say about it. I enjoyed the game, but I think it came out at the wrong time for me, as … Continue reading

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Dear Tobold: Fuck you and the bridge you live under

Just a quick recap for everyone. I wise man once said: “Also if F4 isn’t game of the year on PC for 2015, there is some serious corrupt voting.” – Really smart, attractive individual. To which an ugly troll replied: … Continue reading

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Quick, guess Blizzard’s panic move!?

First, no, I’m not dead. It was close (worst cold/flu of my life), and moving into a newly built house during said death illness didn’t help, but what REALLY did me in was Comcast. Despite calling them early on, telling … Continue reading

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CoC: Season 3 stats

(Write-up and stats by Delpez) Supreme Cream Performance – Season 3 Season 3 is done and dusted – here is a link to the Excel spreadsheet (for best viewing open it as an Excel file): An explanation of the … Continue reading

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XCOM 2 thoughts after 15 hours

Xcom 2 report based on 15 hours or so with the game. In a nutshell, Xcom 2 is basically more of Xcom. A lot, lot more, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Releasing a sequel to a very successful … Continue reading

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CoC: Significant changes lead to significantly more fun

Clash of Clans has changed somewhat significantly recently, and IMO is a more fun game now than prior to the updates. The big changes that effected everyone was the reworking of how village shields work, and how you get loot … Continue reading

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Darkest Dungeon is another example of KS and EA working

Moving from Sunless Sea to Darkest Dungeon is a really perfect gaming transition, in that I think DD and Sunless are so similar in what they want to accomplish, but DD just does it so so much better. Both have … Continue reading

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Sunless Sea Review

I don’t know where I saw this (Reddit?), but the following is a PERFECT description of Sunless Sea and its main problem: It has the gameplay of a rogue-like (play a bit, die, replay earlier bits, get a bit further, … Continue reading

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